Monday, July 24, 2017

Medicowesome secret project: Inspiration

Hello Medicowesomites! The secret projects are back!!!! Who is excited??? :D

As you all know, every month, we publish a few stories, pieces of art written by awesomites - which are unrelated to studies.

The theme for this month is - Inspiration.

Tell us - Who do you look up to? What inspires you? Why?

It can be your a professor who teaches you, a doctor that you have never met, a motivational speaker or someone from your family. It can also be an idea - for the betterment of self, for improvement... Maybe humanity motivates you? Maybe it is the universe...

Write about it and send it to us on

You can also Whatsapp IkaN if you have her number through the study groups!

Excited to read your inspirations! < 3<3 p="">

Idea by Huzaifa Bhopalwala

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