Saturday, January 30, 2021

Occupational English Test

OET Experience

Occupational English Test

Hello! Let's look at Occupational English Test and why healthcare people must give it a thought before considering IELTS as your English test. For people who never heard of OET, Occupational English test is designed for healthcare professionals who wish to work in an English speaking country. Simply put, It is kind of IELTS for medical people but very different from IELTS. You'll see why.

OET exam assesses a candidate on all four language skills to the extent that he/she can effectively understand and communicate with his/her colleagues and patients in medical and healthcare settings. In order to get a good grade(Grade-A or B), we must assure them(in a way ourselves too)

  • that we can understand regular ward round conversations, consultations and lectures in the Listening test.
  • that we can pick out key points by skimming and scanning medical articles, understand the gist and find out writer's opinion in the Reading test.
  • that we can write a no non-sense, well-structured, formal and meaningful letter in the Writing test.
  • that we can conduct a patient-centered consultation by asking, explaining, empathising, and building a relationship with patient in the Speaking test.
Learning these skills of course help us with the test but also builds confidence for a non-native clinician before entering into a new setting.
Now, Let's look at the structure of the test. As you may have known by now, It has four subtests and is conducted for 12 different healthcare professions. I'll be discussing the Medicine test for doctors here.Each sub-test is graded from Grade-A to Grade-E. Grade-B(~7-7.5 Ielts) is the target score.

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