Monday, March 21, 2016

Zones of MI, leads and ECG mnemonic


Warning: This is an over simplified post. 
If you are the kind who has a tough time remembering changes in "which lead" correlates with the "where" the heart is injured, this post is for you xD

Elevation of ST segment indicates zone of injury, diagnosis is supported by reciprocal changes, ST segment depression in the leads facing the opposite wall.

For precordial leads, I use the "SAL" mnemonic.

V1 Septal
V2 Septal
V3 Anterior
V4 Anterior
V5 Lateral
V6 Lateral
To be more complete about the lateral wall involvement, I use the "SALLI" mnemonic.
L for aVL and I for lead I.
So for lateral wall MI: V5 , V6, aVL and lead I.

For inferior MI, I remember the word "INF" and the horizontal lines in them.
So for inferior wall MI: II , III and aVF.

Inferior wall MI mnemonic
By the end of this post, you should be able to draw this cheat sheet yourself:

That's all!
Quote for the day: If you can not see yourself as a winner, you can not perform as a winner.

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  1. great thanks heaps! always forget this, now hopefuly i wont

  2. Thanks a million Ikan, Nakeya!
    Plus, the quote written below made my day!

    1. You are most welcome, Mayank.

      I hope you perform like a winner today and everyday of your life! :D


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