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Greetings everyone!

I'm Dr. Nakeya Dewaswala-Bhopalwala, also known as IkaN, the creator of Medicowesome.
How do you pronounce that? Nuk-kee-ya? Why are you called IkaN? Click to know more.
I have the XX chromosomes in my cells ^\\\^
I was a medical student when I started the blog, I graduated med school in 2016. Right now, I am an Internal Medicine Resident in Florida, US and I am expected to complete my training in 2021 :D

Here are some random things about myself:
I enjoy gazing at the moon, wondering where the stars came from. Anything timey-wimey spacey-wacey fascinates me. I LOVE science fiction fantasy. Hardcore Doctor Who fan.

I find views from high places whether it's a hill, a skyscraper or an airplane absolutely fantastic! *_*
I like looking at the horizon, the sound of waves, the smell of rain and walking barefoot on grass.

I believe in the segregation of waste and recycling, zero food wastage and cleanliness.

As you have read from the multiple authors' diary posts - I am all about learning, self-development, and philosophy. I am obsessed with the concept of infinity and change.

Before med school, I was addicted to Lego, board games, video games, and anime. Time doesn't permit the addiction anymore. I still love talking about those days though. :D
My favorite animal is the Dragon and favorite bird is the Phoenix (Both are imaginary T_T)

Really? It is horses and pigeons.

My hobby is drawing. I also like making comics and illustrations. (Don't forget to check out the Immunology comics on Immense Immunology Insight!)

I hope the blog helps you learn. And I hope the smiley faces make you happy =)

I love reading your comments, do not hesitate to express yourself here.
PS: I also love learning new languages and reading comments in different languages.. I try to reply in the same language sometimes! :D

Want to know even more? Watch 53 facts about me (YouTube video).

I want to acknowledge the people who created IkaN, metaphorically. My Pappa is so brave, he has made me fearless, he is my strength. My Maa sees things that others can't, she is my inspiration. Mufaddal, my bro, for pushing me to learn random technological things. My husband, Huzaifa, for unconditional love. Thank you for making IkaN who she is! <3

That's all! :)

Lots of love,

People keep asking me where I am from & I keep answering, "Planet Earth" xD
Clearly, I am the kind of person who does not believe in borders and lines drawn on a map.
But I suppose you guys ask because you wish to know if you could discuss similarities and differences with me... So for that purpose, I am updating my location :)
Medical school: LTMMC, Sion in Mumbai, India (Batch of 2016 or 2010 batch)
Residency program: Florida, USA.

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  1. mnemonics helped me a lot!
    thx a lot....

  2. Very innovative :-) i was surprised to find out that u r a girl.. :O Now, proud .. ;-) keep up the good work :-D ;-)

    1. At first, I wasn't gonna reveal my gender but people had a hard time addressing me as he/she so I had to =D
      Thank you ^___^

  3. Thanks for your mnemonics. Saved me a lot of time from memorizing them. :p

    P.S. I think you are a cutie. =D

  4. Naks your doing a good job as always ^_^

    1. Omg Sheehan! Thank you soo much! <3
      Btw I am called IkaN here (Ssshh.. It's a secret) =D

    2. Although im not a medi student but if bio notes were available in this manner i surely would have opted for medi ^_^ oki oki IKaN :P

    3. You should've asked me!!! I still have my high school biology notes =D

  5. Nah Nah...its not my cup of milk :P

  6. " obsessed wid the concept of infinity" wow cooll, me too.keep up d good work!!

  7. Where are you from Ikan?
    - Tan

    1. Hey Tan! Why does it matter? :)

      I am from planet Earth.. Keep it secret, keep it safe ;)

  8. wow! IkaN i love ur posts. thanks, especially the high school biology drawings. :)

  9. Cool Representation.. Fun To learn..!! This is where AWESOME meets BRAINS.

  10. Me ha gustado mucho tu explicacion del campo visual (Progression of visual field defects in Glaucoma mnemonic ). Great job! Many Thanks!

  11. hey nakeya.... this page is awesome and waaayyy more useful than rxpg! keep it up!

    1. Ooh very few people know my real name.. It's impolite to stay Anonymous, you know! :P

      Thank you ^__^

      I don't mean to be competing and comparing with other sites though.
      I think we, the medical fraternity, are just supposed to help each other out & I am appreciative of what rxpg have put together.. But that's just me! :)

  12. M a b pharmacy student
    N ur
    Cology mnemonics
    Helped a lot
    That aging of cholinesterases :-)

  13. Ur posts have been really useful....may god bless u

    1. Thank you so much for your blessings love :)
      I am happy to know they were useful <3

  14. Thanks a lot :) Ur posts r wonderful :) God bless :)

  15. Wow thanks, your mnemonics helped me a lot!
    Hey, IkaN, it's a good pen name haha but I'm a bit surprised because in Indonesian, ikan means fish :p

    1. Omg haha I did not know that.. I always imagined it to represent an ability, you know, "I can" xP
      I have been an Indonesian fish all these years! :O
      *psst* I'll tell you a secret, my real name means pure in Arabic =D

      I am so very glad they helped! (:

  16. Your posts have been very helpful. They help a lot of us keep sane. Haha!
    More power to you! :)

  17. wowww...i came to know about this only today...i should have known it more earler..ur mnemonic on aortic arch derivatives is simply superb....easiest way to remember..will check others too..and ur nature of sharing knowledge known is admirable...u will def reach peaks in ur life with this attitutde....all the best..keep going :)

  18. So you love learning new languages?

    Baie dankie vir die awesome webwerf!!! Ek het gegoogle om te soek vir die verskil tussen Wernicke's en Broca's se aphasias en jou prentjie was amper heel bo in die resultate! Ek leer die beste met prentjies, en joune is amazing! Baie dankie, en hou aan met die goeie werk. :)

    1. Hahaha.. Ja, ek hou daarvan om nuwe tale te leer <3
      Jy is baie welkom. Ek is bly om te weet jy die beste leer met foto's.
      Jy het my dag gemaak deur te praat in Afrikaan! :)

    2. Wow! Ek is noggals beindruk dat jy uitgefigure het wat is die taal (dis Afrikaans, btw, nie Afrikaan nie :) en dat jy dit reggekry het om in dieselfde taal terug to skryf! Welgedaan!

      En skies ek skryf noueers terug, ek het jou blog in 'n feed, so ek is nie baie op die eintlike webwerf nie... Maar ek is altyd bly as daar 'n nuwe post is. :P

    3. Haha dankie aan Google vertaal! Dit lyk soos 'n taal wat baie moeilik is om te leer vir my.

      O, so Afrikaans is reg? Nie Afrikaan ?

      Ek is so bly jy my volg . Altyd gelukkig kommentaar van ou volgelinge te lees! <3

  19. Playing games? Favourite game? Favourite anime? Favourite language? Favourite book? Favourite show? Favourite movie? Favourite color? Which place do you want to visit? What do you want to be when you finish med school? Are you dating someone? Sorry for the awful lot of questions I just want to know you xD

    1. Oh dear. Umm.
      Video games like Crash Bandicoot and Digimon World 1. Board games like Scrabble and Boggle.
      Anime.. Definitely, Naruto.
      Favourite language? What kind of question is that? Arabic, I suppose. Favorite accent, British.
      I don't have a favorite book :|
      I LOVE Doctor Who.
      Movie.. Legally blonde. Lord of the Rings. Titanic. Depends on the genre.
      All shades of blue and green including violet and purple.
      Any place that makes me go, "Woww". London, Paris, Rome, Tokyo & Italy are a few on the ever expanding list.
      Not sure. Maybe Internal Medicine.
      *blush* No.
      It's okay. I like answering to you, Anonymous! *wink*

  20. U r inspiring, atleast inspired me to read.... thnku for that.. bundle of thnkx n prayers... ^_^

    1. Omg thanks. The fact that you found my work inspiring makes this the best compliment ever.

      And thank you so much for your prayers. I hope the very best for you. May you be blessed :)

  21. Your explanations on http://medicowesome.blogspot.in/2013/04/what-are-factors-affecting-diastolic.html
    were just like your blog-awesome!

  22. Hey Ikan !!
    This is an amaaziing blog !!
    Would u mind writing a post on how to prepare for usmle

    1. Thank you, Nidhi!
      I'll write one next month, caught up with exams at the moment.

      In super short, Kaplan videos, Goljan audio, uWorld qbank & first aid is the general way to go.
      I recommend pathoma videos as well.

  23. thank you for the mnemonics! good luck for your great professional career years ahead! :)))) _RP_

  24. Omg...!! When did u do all that prep ???
    Anyway, All the very best for ur university !!

    1. It doesn't take very long. But let's just say I completely ignored third year and half of final year for it :P

      Thank you!!

  25. Hey..I really liked your mnemonics.
    Do you have twitter?

  26. We do have a twitter. We have a tumblr and a Facebook too.
    But due to exams, I'm not using it at the moment. We'll be back as soon as exams get over.

  27. I m in love with ur blog.how do you manage to do all this things.from now on I will regularly follow n I m a med student from India

    1. Thank you. *hugs* India <3

      I don't know how I manage.. It has become a habit now :D

      Yaay, welcome to the Medicowesome family! (:

  28. Mam your posts are really awesome... Thanks for such a wonderful blog...
    Mam can u suggest which books i should consult in pathology, pharmacology, forensic medicine and microbiology... Mam plz repll as soon as possible... I vl b waiting for your reply...
    Suhail, medical student from Kashmir, india.

    1. Hi Suhail!

      I'd recommend Robbins for Pathology, Katzung or KD Tripathi for pharmacology & Ananthnarayan for microbiology.

      You can switch to another author depending on how much time you have to study.

      I don't know which book is the best for forensics. Ask your seniors or professors which book they prefer.

  29. I am in love with your blog and the mnemonics are simly owesome...Thanks for sharing .

  30. How is potassium levels and renal failure related

    1. During renal failure, the body is unable to excrete potassium leading to hyperkalemia.

  31. Hey, nice work you have going on here. You have saved me a lot of studying time. I never knew it was possible to write USMLE before ggraduating . By the way, Ikan means soldierant in my language , so i think you should go with fish instead

  32. Thank you! I'm glad I saved you time.

    I don't know, in my country we finish the basic sciences and appear for the exam.

    Haha well I liked, "IkaN" because it sounds like, "I can." which shows possibility, I find it really motivational.

    1. Same applies in my country actually, we do the basic sciences first save behavioural science which we don't do till almost final year. Well now I am battling with a major exam pathology and pharmacology sort of and I came across your blog while on my break. It is really voluminous and for pathology we have to answer over 600 mcq's at a strech without a break then come back for the theory. It sounds scary actually

    2. We have the same! Behavioral science is psychiatry in my country and is taught in final year.

      Oh it does sound scary. Which country are you from?

      And all the very best for your exam. Hope you are helped by the blog and let us know if you need something!

    3. Thanks. The blog has been helpful. I came across your mnemonic for FAB classification for AML and I think you have a very creative mind which is a good thing.
      It will be nice if you have a way of remembriing specimen bottle for Hematology and chemical pathology i.e which anticoagulant is used for which investigations.

      We had a test about 4 days ago on hypersensitivity reaction type 5 and a lot of people left it blank because they thought it was a typo. Well I later found out that it is the same as type 2 non cytotoxic ( infact there is a type 6. Can you believe it? ). In situations like this, I always imagine there is a bored researcher sitting in a corner of his office maybe eating a donut and taking a sip of milk from a beaker or conical flask who thinks the best pass time activity is to screw around with the heads of medical students. So he gets his ipad, types a whole New ( and sometimes unnecessary) classification sends it to a journal thus forcing medical students to add one more thing to that cramped up space called the head.

      By the way, I agree Goljan is great. I really like his jokes especially the one about the senescent RBC trying to pass through the splenic sinusoids and it is like hey sally hey Joe lemme see if I can pass through...

    4. You're welcome. Glad it has been helpful!

      Well, desperate times calls for creative measures :D

      Can you send me your notes on hematology and chemical pathology? I'll make the mnemonics for you (I have my notes back home, they are many and I donno which ones you require!)

      Haha the hypersensitivity reactions are always mind boggling. Type 6? Now that's crazy! So little head and so much to remember! T_T

      Goljan is amazing! I love how he says Hashimoto in Japanese, has a great sense of humor and uses Myasthenia Gravis reference for drowsy students :P
      Joe.. *silence* You know why it went silent? Because he was killed by Bob.

    5. About the Hematology and chem pathology note, I am not sure I will be able to send you my own note because I have this really crazy and wayward hand writing. None the less, I should be able to get a friends note or better still I will send a link that contains a more detailed write up on the practical aspect. Thanks for the assistance, it shows you are a selfless earthling.

      Yeah right, the way he pronounces hashimoto and even gilbert syndrome. He makes gilbert sound like such a cool disease to have ( when he said if you get blue contacts lenses on the jaundiced eyes, you get green eyes, only Goljan will reason like that) and his favourite clicking anal spinchter joke.

      I think another great teacher is conrad fischer. He might not be the best at explaining but he has a very good way of making you to remember especially his songs.

      But my favourite at mechanisms is probably Dr Najeeb. Have you heard about him? He makes everything complexly simple.

      How do you find time to blog and study for medical school. I imagine it will be a tough thing to do.

      Have you watched the Hobbit, the three of them?

      Lastly lemme tell you a phrase of mine I like to recite to myself. Amat Victoria Curam I think you should look for the meaning. By the way that is not my language, who doesn't like. Latin.

    6. Which email address should I send it to?

    7. Aw thank you! I'll try to come up with mnemonics if I can. The notes can be typed, need not be handwritten.

      Haha the sphincter though! I smile so much while walking on the road listening to him! <3

      I love fishy! He is the best teacher ever. I love the stress hormone speech he gives. And the quotes he uses! What a piece of work is man, so noble...

      I have heard of Dr Najeeb.. Haven't caught up with all his lectures though.

      The blog started off as a way to share notes and turned out to be a compulsive passion. I am used to blogging so much know that it's in my daily schedule.

      I am a LOTR fan! Not idly due to leaves of Lorein fall. Hobbit, yes! Haven't watched the most recent one though.

      Victory loves preparation! Gratias tibi ago for sharing it with me. Love the phrase.

      My email is medicowesome@gmail.com

  33. thanks alote from wherever you are.... "take useful education from wherever and from whomever is possible...." (Hazrat Ali A.s.) so your place doesn't matter, what matters is your work and your sharing! Great effort and great sharing, best luck for your future too from Pakistan

  34. I wish to understand the concept of Acidosis and alkalosis,has eluded me since long. Can I expect some help here?

    1. What exactly about Acidosis and Alkalosis do you not comprehend? It's kind of a vast subject, I'll try to blog about what I can but if there is something specific that eludes you, lemme know!

  35. Impressed moreover inspired!! We are creating a free website for MBBS students offering high quality content. An article section is also included which will include articles from students as well as established doctors! We would love if you write for us ,the site is under construction WWW.medscholar.in.please let us know! :-)

    1. Thanks for the offer but currently, my hands are full.
      I may just write one article as a guest writer. Let me know when the website is ready.
      Good luck with the website!

  36. Cool! Thanks.... Will inform you for sure! Keep on inspiring :-)

  37. My wonderful virtual twin! :D IkaN, you rock sis! :D \,,/

    1. Pasan bro! Your name is coming up next in the about authors section! :D

  38. U r really amazing !!!!!.......love u dear sis ....

  39. Hi Ikan great work here. Within few days I became an avid follower of your site. If you don't mind my curiosity can you tell me which speciality you are interested in?

    1. Thank you Vasserkoof. Glad to have a new member in the Medicowesome family! (:

      I'm interested in Internal medicine or pediatrics. More inclined towards IM.

    2. Good choice Ikan
      M also interested in d same but lack enough confidence( my grades & attempts have been on d down side)
      But haven't given up hope yet
      Will look up to you whenever I need some boost up ;)

    3. Don't give up. Work hard and nothing boosts confidence more than effort.

      Hope is a good thing, perhaps the best of things.

      Sure. Message me anytime you need motivation. We'll help each other out ;)

  40. Great Job buddy......may god bless u......

  41. Don't know how you add things but here's one of my favorites. I could not remember how to distinguish decorticate and decerebrate posturing until a party animal ER resident told me. Decorticate = To court a keg. I just think of a frat boy bending around a keg with his wrists bent in to carry it and I can't forget!

    1. Haha this is awesome. I'll add it to my decorticate vs decerebrate rigidity blog!

  42. Thank you..
    Amazing video n mnemonics
    Really helped
    Keep uploading whatever you can..
    It's really helpful.

  43. i really liked ur website medicowsome...u helped me a lot
    THANK U!!

  44. Hi,
    Loved your profile.
    Would like to meet you in person.

    Your admirer

  45. Дякую за натхнення! Щасти тобі!!

  46. Hii,
    Can someone give step 3 during internship. They say you need to complete medical clg, is internship considered a part of clg or its just done after clg..?

    Hoping to hear from you, thank you..:)

    1. Hey! I am not sure about that because I am not at that stage. Usually people give it after completing all their steps and stuff.

  47. Love this blog, a wealth of amazing information for a 6th year medical student.... Thanks alot!

  48. Thanks god for making you guys exist in this world

  49. You are an awesome soul !!!!!!.. And medicowesome is seriously the best site for med students:)

  50. Sandeep chakravarthyDecember 5, 2016 at 2:21 PM

    Nice blog.....it was amazing....

  51. Whoa finding this blog was like finding a treasure trove. Great stuff mademoiselle ☺️ *fist bumps*

  52. Is there a link for Goljan and Fischer lectures or do I have to subscribe to them?

  53. is it free? i found one on shortwhitecoats. there were hi yield notes and another link for audio + notes. Is that it?

    1. How would I know if you found the right one sweets? Why don't you email me instead?

  54. Hey..ikan..excellent blog..really helpful..thank u for sharing all this...AN

  55. Hey Nakeya...
    Got a good rank in AIIMS and going to join this session... Ur blog helped me a lot and more over u inspired me a lot... I may be a drop in the ocean of your fan list but u r my only true medical icon... Let me guess few things about you and tell me how much % of that is correct
    *Achiever via smart work
    *Accepting & adapting to "new"
    *Not hesitant in doing something different
    *Accepts criticism and u criticise always in a positive way
    *Has your own philosophies
    *Enjoys small moments and likes to share feelings more freely
    *Being honest and open
    *Lastly u love to write rather than talk
    You are most awesome

    1. Hey Yeshwanth! Firstly, congratulations! I am SO happy for you! :D

      How much did you get? Would you like to write your experience on how you prepared and inspire others? I would love to publish it on Medicowesome and share your story :)

      I am glad the blog helped and inspired you. That is so sweet of you to say <3

      Umm haha okay... I am a dreamer, yes.
      Achiever via smart work? Umm I don't know.
      Confident, sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no.
      Accepting & adapting to new, not hesitant in doing something different - Definitely!
      Accepts criticism - My mom says I don't accept criticism well. I think I do though! :(
      Criticise always in a positive way - Yup. Kindness > Everything else.
      Has your own philosophies, enjoys small moments and likes to share feelings more freely - Yep!
      Honest and open - I like to believe I am honest but my friends think I am heartless, manipulative and evil :P
      Write rather than talk - I do like to write more, if I had the time, I'd write 10 pages in my diary everyday :)

      Hope that gave you closure about your guesses? xD
      Thank you so much though for all the kind words and guesses. All the best your future endeavors! ^__^

  56. So sorry for the late reply... Got busy with holidays ;) Got 109 AIR &OBC15... I believe my story to be written wonderfully by God (I'm an atheist actually);)... U know my NEET rank was 12263 in Dec 2016 session... I actually passed my MBBS in second class with just around 63%... I never studied in the right way during my undergraduation... I regret it even now... I'll write something useful and send it you...

  57. thank you IKAN really this page is truely awessome...A grand salute to your way of thinking..You have a way high level of learning and creativity..You have shown high level of greatness in the medical education learning process..At last ..no word for this site..It's simply awesome..the best page ever..I have created a page.. I would like to post your some pictures of your site with credit on it...Thank you in advance

  58. You are amazing guys .. wish you the best

    And thank you a lot for the awesome mnemonics ❤

  59. YOU are just awesome ❤❤...

  60. مرحبا نقية...
    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته،،
    انا زهور، طبيبة مثلك! وجدت صفحتك بالصدفة
    أحببت أن أعلق لك استجابة لطلبك...
    أتمنى أن التقي بك يوما في الولايات المتحدة او دبي!!

    1. مرحبا زهور
      وعليكم السلام
      شكرا لتعليقك باللغة العربية، ما زلت أتعلم
      سأكون في دبي الشهر المقبل
      إن شاء الله
      ابقى على اتصال

  61. The whole blog, even the other authors' about me's have reaction tabs .. except this page, yours :p

    1. The pages don't have tabs - I don't know how to insert it :P
      Also, I am considering negative feedback tab too for constructive criticisms :)

  62. You are truly so inspiring.

  63. Thanks Ikan for this!You really are inspiring.

  64. Qhen you are free could you make a video on your journey to residency in the US?

    1. I have already uploaded that - check the USMLEowesome series.

  65. O my God...as i consulted the web for a mnemonic after i had badly stucked in some topic..it made it's way to you...your mnemonics really caught my eyes and seemed productive.. that's why i urged to know about the brilliant and distinguished author...but my mind began floating like a cloud in the sky as i read your hobbies and personal things...its really miraculous..and how you quitted with all that video games and distractions which prove injurious to the academic health of a medical student?

    1. And thank you for making ease for us ❤️❤️❤️

      Bashir MBBS KMU Peshawar pakistan


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