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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

AIDS - Defining conditions


CD < 100  Century

                  Cerebral Toxoplasmosis

                  Cryptococcal meningitis

                  Cryptosporidiosis (watery diarrhea)

                  Candida (oesophagitis)

                  Cowdry A oesophagitis (HSV 1)


CD < 50   MAC and Cheese

                 Mycobacterium Avium Complex

                 CMV (Retinitis ,Colitis)



 By- Shanmukh

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Twin pregnancy

: increased age and parity
Family history of twins
Treatment for infertility 

2 varieties:dizygotic and monozygotic

MZ twins are of the following variety depending on the time of twinning
1-within 72hrs of fertilization =dichorionic, diamniotic
2-between 4th and 8th day= monochorionic, diamniotic
3-between 8th and 12th day=monochorionic, monoamniotic
4-after 12days=siamese or conjoint twins

Signs for chorionicity on USG:
Dichorionicity:twin peak/lambda sign
Monochorionicity: T sign/inverted T sign

Maternal complications:
Preterm labor

Twin complications:
Conjoined twinning
Twin to twin transfusion syndrome
Acardiac twin
Discordant growth


Friday, December 17, 2021

Job's syndrome

Job's syndrome is also known as hyper- IgE syndrome.
It has autosomal dominant inheritance ( STAT3 gene).

Here is the mnemonic to remember its key features :
A - Abscesses of face and lungs by staphylococcus aureus ( pneumatocele)
B - Bone fragility
C - Coarse facies
D - Dermatological features like eczema.
E - Eosinophilia, increased Ig E.

Trick to remember important points: 
"Steve Jobs is a dominant person, interested in business STATs"

That's all!
Dr. Madhuri.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Glimpse into my plan for "Last 18 Days to NEET PG"

 Hello believers at other end,

If You have a plan and it is working well for you then no need to read it further.
All the best and Happy studying.

18 days= 14 days(2 weeks) + 4 days( I would never count in last days )

 I) 1st week = divide each day in three major slot and 2 minor slots

By the end of 1st week I want to complete major and minor notes 6 minor + 4 major subject + PYQ +MCQ  of important topics + review images and volatile stuff.

Seems daunting and impossible !?
Say it to yourself "not daunting for me" Just 7 days and see the progress in the end.

morning hours = 

1 hour [ half hour pharma ( General,ANS,CVS,GIT ,RS+HORMONES,NEURO,Antimicrobial) 7 days)

other half an hour ( Carb,lipid ,proteins,molecular,vitamins) *5days + last 2days when bio is completed I added PSM formulas for half an hour)

9am-12pm  =

PYQ in form of GT on desktop like an exam ( And do it within 1 and half hour superficially) Review wrong ones .( Aim is to go through papers in stipulated time and when you do the same for consecutive 7 days you can analyze a pattern of your mistakes and type of questions being repeated)

12 pm lunch 

Afternoon 12:30- 4pm ( further divide into 2 slots ) 

2 hour fast reading. I complete minor subjects (Ortho,FMT,anesthesia,dermatology,ophthalmology,Ent,psychiatry)

Next 2 hours I divide for major subject (Surgery+med+obsgynae) 2days and 2 hours each. +pedia 1 day only

4-5 I take nap of 15 min and then do volatile stuff
5-6 I go for walk with earphones and revised imp scores criterias  oR TEACH A FRIEND ON PHONE

6-8 I practice MCQ as much as possible.(I do mcq of selective topics sometime mixed bags )

8-9 [half an hour micro ( gram positive,gram negative,viro rna,viro dna,mycobacterium+immuno,parasito,lifecycles) +half an hour Patho ( systemwise with images) ]

9-10 long break with dinner + telegram or updating yourself with any new thing or some series (depend on mood)

10-11 Images +graphs+formulas

11- 12 Previous day video at 2X until I fall asleep

By the end of 1 week = (SURG+MED+PEDIA+OBS) +(Ortho,FMT,anesthesia,dermatology,ophthalmology,Ent,psychiatry) +IMAGES +PYQ +WEAK TOPIC MCQ+PHARMA +MICRO+PATHO+BIOCHEM= 15 SUBJECTS with images.

II) 2nd week =Remaining 4 subjects

Morning hours and after 6pm slot is same .

9-12 pm I give mock after 2 days and aim is time management only . Assess wrong only if not much time is left . (I would advise you to give mock rather than GT )

afternoon = 2 hours ( physio,PSM) + 2 hours (Anat) (Radio I followed what Zainab mam has told us to do )

+COVID notes
+Revision revision and revision

III) 4 days(NO GT) = Revise volatile stuff + pyq incorrect ones+images+ mcq (I plan it accordingly whatever I feel right and confident with )

In free time or breaks I take printout of admit card and keep the necessary documents ready 2 day before.

Plan 2 days before what topics you feel can come and you are not confident with and want to go through it once. write it down .It is your gut feeling :D

NOTE- You need not to follow it like what I have said .I respect your journey as much as I respect mine. So do what makes you confident.

In the end, it is just an exam. You will get another chance. Just stay calm.

All the best.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Babeosis mnemonic

This is how I remember babeosis is associated with Maltese cross appearance.

You know you love me, xoxo, gossip girl!


Friday, June 11, 2021

Hormone Basics - Part 1

 Hormones are divided into 2 groups

Group 1 hormones- Act via nuclear receptors

    Type 1- Have cytoplasmic receptors with effector elements in the nucleus e.g Steroid hormones (cortisol), Gonadal hormones (Androgens, estrogens, progesterones)

Mnenonic- There is only 1 General Secretary

  Type 2 -Directly act at the nucleus e,g, vit D,vit A, Thyroxine

Mnemonic-Directly AcT at the nucleus

Group 2 hormones-  Act via the cell membrane surface receptors

1. GPCR- Very extensive, will require a second post

2.Tyrosine Kinase- All Growth factors(Except TGF alpha and beta) and Insulin (Tip to remember: TKI or tyrosine kinase inhibitors are used in a lot of malignancies, there's abnormal growth in malignancies and hence TKIs stop that growth, also I in TKI will remind you of insulin, Insulin causes fat to grow!!)

3. JAK-STAT(cytokine receptor) Mr. JAcK is a Drunkard!! all he needs is PEG 



Growth hormone.

(Pro tip: GH and PRL are called as twin hormones, JAK STAT mutations are involved in Myeloproliferative disorders say Polycyathemia and erythropietin is needed there)

4.Serine threonine Pathway: This pathway is a perfect BAIT for the hormones.

Bone morphogenic protein  



Trasformation growth factor alpha and beta

That's all for today!

Have fun and stay safe!

How did you find the post?

Let me know in the comments section below!

Dr. ShilPill

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Cluster Headache

 Is the cluster headache giving you a headache?

Here's an easy way to remember it.

C-Conjunctival congestion



S-same time, periodicity

T-Tearing of conjunctiva

E-Excess autonomic activity


These clinical features help us to differentiate cluster headache from other types of unilateral headaches.

Treatment includes

1. 100% Oxygen at 10-12L/min for 15-20 mins

2.Sumitriptan 6mg S/c

3. Sumitriptan 20mg and Zolmitriptan 5mg nasal spray


That's it folks!

Happy studying!

Dr. ShilPill

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Ehler-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) - High yield only

Hi! So let's learn EDS together. I've tabled a list of high-yield points of all the types of EDS. It requires little bit of revision but once you get a pictorial familiarity you should be able to recall them all. 

Have fun!

So, how to remember?

Step 1. Divide the table into 2 halves. Sl no. 1,2,3 have in common a lot of features:
  • They are all Autosomal Dominant. 
  • They have common Clinical features - skin HYPERelasticity, joint HYPERmobility and HYPER (easy) bruising. 
  • Go serially, Classical has the first 2, Type I and II and HYPERmobile is III and lastly Vascular is type I
  • Vascular type has additionally - arterial & uterine rupture.
Step 2. Now the second section Sl no. 4,5,6
  • EDS types with enzyme defects are Autosomal Recessive. So, 4 and 6 are AR. 
  • Kyphoscoliotic EDS is Type VI (K rearranged is a V and I)
  • For the last 2, mnemonic is ABCD😛 Arthrochalasia VII a, b and VII c is Dermatosparaxis.
  • KyphoSCOLIOTIC EDS - defective lysyl hydroxylase (=> abnormal cross linking of collagen or KOLLAGEN => think of bones ðŸĶī => congenital SCOLIOSIS)
  • ARTHROchalasia is COL IA (1st letter is A) and hence presents with severe JOINT hyper mobility.
  • DERMATospARaxis is AR and a defective Procollagen-N-peptidase and presents with CUTIS laxa. (Cuties are Pros ;)

Step 2. For the Gene types, come down in descending order: 5 4 3 2 1

Step 3. Remember Type V - DOEST NOT EXIST. 

Step 4. Revise again 😉

That's it! Stay safe ðŸŒļ
- Anagha :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Megalencephaly mnemonic

Hello friends! 

Here's is the simple mnemonic to remember the important causes of Megalencephaly.
Canavan's disease
Alexander disease
Tay- Sachs disease
Sandoff disease.

That's all!
Dr.Madhuri Reddy

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Embryology of eye mnemonic

Hello friends!

Here's is the simplest way to remember embryology of eye.

*Out of all layers (ecto,meso, endo), the endoderm doesn't contribute to the embryology of eye.
* Mesoderm forms - extraocular muscles
* Rest of the structures are derived from ectoderm.

* Surface ectoderm forms the structures which are visible to us from outside like Corneal epithelium
Conjunctival epithelium
 Lacrimal gland
 Lens ( important)

*Neuroectoderm forms neural structures like
Ciliary body ( not muscles)
Iris - both sphincter and dilator pupillae
Optic nerve

* Neural crest derivatives are 
Meninges of optic nerve
Schwann cells
Ciliary ganglion
Ciliary muscles 

For the remaining derivatives, watch the following picture.

Thank you.
Dr. Madhuri Reddy. 

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Essential tremor - a mnemonic.

Do you often forget the features of 'essential tremor'? Well shake no more, 'coz here's a mnemonic that will straighten things up for ya!

Friday, December 11, 2020

Conus medullaris syndrome vs. Cauda equina syndrome

Both of these are orthopedic/neurosurgical emergencies! But in general, CM syndrome is more severe than CE syndrome.

Here's a comparison between the two...