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Natural killer T-shirt / Hoodie / Tank top / ClockCard / Mug / iPhone cover

Live like a phagocyte T-shirt  / Hoodie / Tank top / Clock / Card / Mug / iPhone cover

Proud to be a Medicowesomite T-shirt  / Hoodie / Tank top / Clock / Card / Mug / iPhone cover

Medico & Awesome T-shirt  / Hoodie / Tank top / Clock / Card / Mug / iPhone cover

Totally insensitive T-shirt  / Hoodie / Tank top

Weapons of mass destruction T-shirt  / Hoodie / Tank top / Card / Mug / iPhone cover

Obligate intracellular parasite T-shirt  / Hoodie / Tank top / Card / Mug / iPhone cover

I'm an activated B lymphocyte now T-shirt / Hoodie / Tank top

NO group hugs for platelets T-shirt / Hoodie / Tank top

Featured products:

Click here to buy Medico & Awesome clothing
Click here to buy, "Girl, if we were lymphocytes, you'd be a Natural Killer" stuff
Click here to buy Proud to be a Medicowesomite goodies
Click here to but Totally insensitive products

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