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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Places to Target for Research

Places to target first for a Research Position (Big Guns) :
Mayo Clinic, Rochester
Mayo Clinic, Florida
Cleveland clinic, Ohio
Cleveland clinic, Florida

Email Format for Research

Email Format  for a Research Position

Hello Dr. XYZ,

I am ABC, a medical student, currently doing clinical elective rotations.

I'm highly interested in cardiology. Your /Case Western Reserve University's research work ( refer to either the person's or the University's work) , particularly in general cardiology and electrophysiology is exemplary.

I believe you accept volunteer Research Scholars. It would be an honor to work in this institute as a Research Scholar.

I would be willing to work for a year, and would also consider an unpaid position.

I am attaching my CV with this email.

Hoping to hear back from you.

Wish you a happy new year.


Hope this helps :)

Bhopalwala. H

How to Land a Research Spot in USA

Hey guys, how's it going?
So this post is going to be about how to land a research position in USA.
First of all I would like to briefly speak about  why it is important to have some research experience in USA. Common idea is it helps people to build a strong CV to cover up low scores or any red flags in the CV. What I have realized is that it is not the only benefit, to get into a competitive specialty for residency and also for future fellowships it's very important to have some research background in the field of your interest.

Now let's talk about the steps to go through before you land a research spot.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Query on Step 2 CS deadline & match timeline

I read this link and I'm confused, it says:

To participate in the National Resident Matching Program® (NRMP®) Main Residency Match®, international medical students/graduates must have passed all exams required for ECFMG Certification. If you plan to participate in the 2019 Match (in March 2019) and still need to pass Step 2 Clinical Skills (CS), you should register now to take the examination.

To help ensure that your result will be available in time to participate in the 2019 Match, you must take Step 2 CS by December 31, 2018. If you do not register now and schedule soon, it is possible that you will not be able to obtain a test date in 2018. At the time of this writing, the earliest available test date at any test center is in August 2018.

Link: April 2018

I plan to apply for matching in 2019, do I need to take the exam in December 2018?

- Sent through email


Let me clear terminologies before I start explaining.

Match 2018 means: Application in September 2017, results in March 2018, Residency starts in July 2018.

You said apply for matching in 2019, which means apply in September 2019 for the March 2020 match, yes?

Let's talk about the 2019 match mentioned in the link you sent. It says currently, there will be no availability of testing centres for this year's match (September 2018 application, March 2019 Match, Residency starts in July 2019). The ECFMG website is able to predict the number of applications that they are going to receive. This year, they predict there will be no testing centers available, which is why I am guessing they are asking you to register in April (register now).

Your confusion arises because of two reasons:
You don't know the match terminologies with respect to the year.
You don't know the timeline for the match.

When they mean apply right now and give the exam before December, they are talking as a general mandatory requirement. IT IS A ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE.

To be a competitive candidate, IMGs tend to give the exam in such a way that the results are out before September so that we have all the exam results before the application cycle of the match. IT IS OPTIONAL BUT PREFERRED.

So really, the virtual deadline to give the exam for us is July. We also prefer to graduate before September to get ECFMG certified, however, it's not mandatory.

It is quite vigilant of you to keep an eye out for these notices on the ECFMG website.

Since the dates are not easily available, when you plan to go for an elective, try to register in advance.

If you go to the ECFMG website, there is a site called a step 2 CS scheduling and you can view the dates available at various centres. So register as soon as possible if you want to get your desired dates. Here's the link

PS: The step 2 CS permit is available for one year and it does not expire quickly (compared to other exam permits that expire in 3 months) which is a huge advantage.

So to summarize, July is the ideal deadline for Step 2 CS to get results before September (Application submission). December is the mandatory deadline to get result before February (ROL submission, to be eligible for the match).

Google the step 2 CS reporting schedule to help plan for your match.

Hope that helps!


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

USMLEowesome: United States Clincal Experience (USCE), electives and obs...

United States Clinical Experience - An overview

Intended audience: Those who want to know more about USCE

What this video will cover:
Why do you need USCE?
Types of USCE
Deciding where to apply, which electives?
Paperwork required for electives (brief overview)
Strong letter (applicable for USCE and the match)
CV (brief overview)
Visa interview: Important! Do not mess it up!
If you are not accepted: Have back ups!
If you are accepted: Video for another time :)

Links from the video:

Types of USCE:


Read this before your visa interview:

Link to the powerpoint:

That's all!


Monday, April 9, 2018

Sample CV for electives


Since many of you guys have been asking for my CV for electives, I thought of uploading it for you to refer.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Some antibiotics in the US and their trade names

When you start your rotations, you'll hear many drug names that will sound new to you and since the drug names written in qbanks and books are the scientific ones, here is a brief list of some antibiotics and their trade names in the US:

Scientific name
Trade name
Ampicillin - Sulbactam
Piperacillin - Tazobactam
Zosyn ( also called Piptazo)
Dalfopristin - Quinupristin

Comment below for more “commonly used” antibiotics (or drugs in general) that may be added to this table.