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Hyperkalemia and hypokalemia causes mnemonics


Pharmacologic treatment of pulmonary hypertension (notes and mnemonics)


Vasodilator response: A favorable vasodilator response is defined as a fall in mPAP of 10 mm Hg or greater to less than 40 mm Hg with an unchanged or improved cardiac output, in response to an agent such as inhaled NO or IV epoprostenol.

Cardiovocal syndrome - Ortner syndrome

In 1897, Norbert Ortner described hoarseness caused by recurrent laryngeal nerve paralysis in patients with a large left atrium due to mitral valve stenosis.


Istradefylline (Selective Adenosine 2A receptor antagonist), inhibits the adenosine's inhibitory effect on GABAergic transmission in direct nigro-striatal pathway while simultaneously inhibiting adenosine's stimulatory effect on GABAergic transmission in indirect nigro-striato-pallidal pathway, ultimately leading to stimulation of thalamo-stimulatory direct pathway and inhibition of thalamo-inhibitory indirect pathway.


Selinexor (Selective inhibitor of nuclear export) inhibits XPO1 (exporter protein 1).

XPO1 is often overexpressed in tumors leading to transport of tumor suppressor proteins like p16, p14, p27 from nucleus to cytoplasm and there by evading the apoptosis.


Here is a submission by Kirtan on Luspatercept!

Luspatercept (recombinant fusion protein containing Activin receptor type IIB moeity) blocks excessive SMAD2/3 activity (Mothers against decapentaplegic homolog) lying downstream of TGF-beta signalling by binding endogenous TGF-beta family members, including Bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP), Activin, Inhibin, Lefty A/B, Artemin, Persephin, GDF, GDNF and MIS.

Acute type-II respiratory failure causes mnemonic


Causes of Acute type-II Respiratory failure mnemonic:

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Fact of the day - BUC in UGI bleed


Blood urea levels are positively associated with upper GI bleed. But here's the fact: