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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Nasal septal fracture Mnemonic

I have tried to make a mnemonic for nasal cartilage septal fracture by making some association with the name

Jarjaway fracture = make me think pike George is away. That he means he walked on some path and paths are generally horizontal. So fracture is horizontal. And for horizontal fractures we need blow from front 

Chevalier fracture = makes me think of shovel and you know when it is used it is struck on the ground almost inclined or vertical. So vertical fracture and for that fracture we need blow from below 

I hope these associations work for you


Thank you❤

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Mnemonic | Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

Here is a mnemonic for Ramsay hunt syndrome triad 

Taken from the name of the disease:

Ram Said to me, Hunt!

Ram said from his mouth, so associate this point with facial paralysis

He said to me to Hunt so I heard it from my ears and hunt is always with injuries, so external auditory canal vesicular lesions (which are painful)

I hope you understood this linker Mnemonic and would have good place in your mind Palace 👽


Thank you❤👻👽

And that's it

Mnemonic | Triad of Melkersson Syndrome

For the triad of Melkersson syndrome, I tried to make a mnemonic from the name of the disease. 
Here it is 

Pronounce MelKerSon by dividing the whole word into 3 parts and note which part of your mouth plays part in it

Mel = you used your lips mainly 
Ker = you used your tongue to pronounce it
Son = you remembered your son and his face came infront of your sight

Mel = swollen lips
Ker = fissured tongue 
Son = facial paralysis 

I hope it works for you all
Thank you❤👽👻

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Mnemonic | Classification of Otitis Media Complications

Complications of otitis media are classified into Intratemporal and intracranial. 

To remeber them i have made a mnemonoc from the word TeMPoraL

First IntraTemporal

T = T appears like 7 , so 7th never paralysis


M = mastoiditis 

P = Petroitis 


L = labrynthitis

Now Extra temporal from the same word teMPOraL

Just one letter is changed ( here O is used and in previous one it was T )


M = Meningitis (and relate to it is extradural and subdural abscess)

P = flip it vertically =b = brain abscess

O = Otitic Hydrocephalus


L = Lateral sinus Thrombophlebitis

I hope it will be handy for you attempt short questions in your exams regarding complications of otitis media


Thank you👽❤

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Mnemonic for Ototoxic drugs

Some of the ototoxic drugs are presented to you here with a mnemonic 

Think about a situation when you got deaf due to some ototoxic drugs and now you go to a pandet named Adam for cure

So Pandet Adam is our mnemonic 

P = Propranolol, platins(cisplatin, carboplatin)

A = aminoglycosides

N = NSAIDs (ibuprofen, salicylate, indomethacin)

D = Diuretics (furosamide, ethacrynic acid, bumetanide)

E = eryhtromycin 

T = tobacco 

A = Alcohol

D = defroxamide 

A = ampicllin 

M = anti Malarial (quinine, chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine)

And that's it. 

I hope it works for you all


Thank you❤

Monday, October 23, 2023

Perinatal Causes of Hearing loss | Mnemonic

 Imagine a situation in which an immature baby is to be born to a mother, so baby will be of low birth weight, and since there is birth going on early so there maybe a problem of anoxia due to prolonged labour, in this situation obstetrician will try to operate and get baby out quickly, so a chance of birth injury is there, birth injury may lead to meningitis, that may end up in sepsis, and for that we will need drugs and admission in NICU to handle the situation. 

So after keeping this type of perinatal situation in mind, you can keep some of the preniatal causes of heading loss 

  1. Immaturity and low birth weight
  2. Anoxic
  3. Birth injury
  4. Neonatal meningitis 
  5. Sepsis
  6. Time spent in NICU
  7. Ototoxic drug
  8. Neonatal jaundice (not in the mnemonic)
I hope it works for you all again like always
Thank you ❤

Mnemonic | Average Hearing loss in Different Ear lesions

The mnemonic was quite difficult in its genesis. 

But here it is:

Complete obstruction of Ear canal = 3ar (flip the E to 3) = 30dB loss

Perforation of tympanic membrane = perFORation = 40 = 10 - 40dB

Malleolar fixation = malle01ar = 10 = 10 - 25dB

Ossicular interruption with intact drum = 54dB (couldn't make for it 🥲)

Ossicular interruption with perforated drum = among all numbers from 1 - 10 which digit is most perforated? ( I mean having more holes)
The answer is 8 and vertical half of 8 is 3 so 38dB

Closure of oval Window = thats the last resort of conductive hearing loss and max hearing loss possible in conductive hearing loss is 60dB never above it. So no mnemonic for it. 

If you have any better than this pet me know in the comments 
I hope it works for you
In Sha Allah!
Thank you❤

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Mnemonic | Congenital and Acquired causes of Conductive hearing loss

Some of the causes of Congenital and acquired conductive hearing loss can be remembered with this mnemonic

Think about a Calf being given birth by (obviously😂) a cow. So she just got mom for the first time (ft)  

So here it is the mnemonic just heard
Congenital causes of conductive hearing loss


C = Cholesteatoma
A = Atresia ( of meatus )
F = fixation of malleable head, footplate of stapes a ossivular discontinuity 

Now the Acquired causes of conductive hearing loss

M = Membrane (tympanic) perforation 
O = ossicles fixation or discontinuity 
M = Mass in middle ear
F = Fluid in the middle ear
T = Tubal Blockage ( eustachian tube )

You can add in them further the examples in the causes I listed here. 
I hope it works again for you people
In Sha Allah!
Thank you👻

Monday, October 16, 2023

Roll over phenomenon | A kind of Mnemonic |

Roll over phenomenon is even though simple thing but still a good memory anchor would be beneficial in future.

so here it is a mnemonic for how to remember roll over phenomenon

what does the word indicate from roll over?

 it means roll over something or like that meaning 

now look at the picture of its graph, it also shows like as if it just rolled up the hill and then over it and then rolled down the hill  like a car. lol

so that is it, the roll over phenomenon, meaning sound intensity is best heard at the peak of the mountain and it decreases on either side of the rolled over mountain.

i hope your brain keep this anchor with it for your life long

In Sha Allah

Thank you