Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Extrinsic muscles of the tongue

Extrinsic muscles of the tongue
This is a really cool diagram to explain the tongue..
You can see three out of the four extrinsic muscles here..
Lemme tell you about them! ^_^

Origin: From tip and anterior surface of the styloid process
Insertion: Into the side of the tongue
Action: So what'll be its action? Its pulling the tongue to its origin.. ie behind
Hence action will be retraction of tongue

Origin: Greater cornua and lateral part of hyoid bone
Insertion: Side of the tongue
Action: Think.. Pulling the tongue downward, towards the origin.. Hence, depression of tongue

Origin: Upper genial tubercle of the mandible
Insertion: Forms bulk of the tongue
Action: Protrudes the tongue.. [Pulling towards origin, remember?]

Sorry guys.. I don't have a diagram for this muscle.. Will upload soon!
Origin: Oral surface of palatine aponeurosis
Insertion: Descends into the palatoglossal arch to side of tongue at junction between oral and pharyngeal parts
Action: Elevation of tongue

Nerve supply
I have shown the nerve supply.. Its hyoglossal nerve.
Except for palatoglossus.. which is supplied by the vagus and cranial part of the accessory nerve (CN XI) that travel via the pharyngeal plexus

I just love this diagram.. Shows the muscles properly with the nerve supply.. and it's really cute.. So do make the diagram in your exam, it's really easy! :)
So basically you can remember the origin and insertion through the diagram.. I'll elaborate on palatoglossus with the muscles of the palate.. That's all for the extrinsic muscles!
Thank you so much for reading!

Pray that I do well in my exams =)


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  1. can u do one for the soft palate the origin, insertion and action pls and thx for the current info very helpfull xD :-)

    1. Hey Julie, you are most welcome! :)
      I have the soft palate notes but they are too old and untidy T_T (I can email them to you if you want)

      If you have the time though, I'll try to do a new one as soon as I am done with my exams!

  2. paltoglossus is supplied by vagus...u made mnemonic all muscle with palate supplied by vagus xcept tensor veli palatini...;)

    1. Palatoglossus is supplied by the pharyngeal plexus.

      Both vagus and accessory nerve contribute to the plexus so can I say either of them supply the muscle? :P

  3. Palatoglossus by vagus bai...not 9th


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