Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fasciculus gracilis and cuneatus

Hey guys.. Let's draw the sensory tracts that are found within the dorsal white column of the spinal cord!
Might as well read about em too ^_^

What I like to do is write down the points with the diagrams [As you guys already know]
So lemme present to you.. my notes! =D

Their primary responsibility is to carry sensory information regarding discriminative senses (viz., proprioception, vibration, stereognosis, and two-point discrimination) to higher centers
I've drawn a feather for fine touch, tuning fork for vibration and closed eye for stereognosis! [In case you didn't understand ^_^ ]

Here is the description point wise.. :)

Sensory regions covered by Cuneatus and Gracilis mnemonic
GRAcilis - Walk GRAcefully (Lower extremities and lower trunk)
CunEATus - EAT with your hands (Upper extremities and upper trunk)

Remember: Crude touch is NOT carried by this tract
It is carried by the anterior spinothalamic tract

That's all :)



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