Monday, April 9, 2012

Viruses and Passion

Viruses are strange, they do not feed & by some definitions are not living things.
A virus simply exists to reproduce itself & only "comes alive" inside a living cell.

I feel that the living cell is our passion.. & without passion we'd simply exist.. Lifeless..
The "living cell" makes us enthusiastic.. To live life..

It maybe anything.. You maybe passionate about photography, cooking, learning new facts or as small as discovering a new piece of music =)
But that small thing.. Brings us to life.. It does make you feel alive, doesn't it?
Passion is your living cell & without it.. You feel just like a non-living thing..

Now there is a really cool thing you can learn from viruses..
Once cell lysis occurs, they free themselves of the past and they find a new cell..
They never stop living.. They keep moving on & exploring life as it comes..
I guess you have to read more about viral replication to understand what I'm talking about ^_^"

Anyway I hope you get what I meant to say..
Be passionate & keep moving forward :)

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