Friday, June 29, 2012

Awesome Twosome Drugs

So today I was asked two fixed dose combinations of drugs which antagonize each others side effects..
Lemme tell you about the combinations I thought of! :D

First.. *drum roll*
Aluminum hydroxide & Magnesium Trisilicate!
These two are antacids ie neutralize gastric acids

Magnesium salts act fast & Aluminum salts are slow acting
Magnesium salts act as laxatives & Aluminum salts are constipating
Magnesium salts hasten gastric emptying & Aluminum salts delay it

So.. What do you get when you mix em together? Dose reduction & minimization of systemic toxicity! ^_^

They are indicated in hyperacidity gastritis, reflux  esophagitis, dyspepsia

Second combination is seen in OCPs [Oral Contraceptive Pills]
Levonorgesterol & Ethinyl estradiol

Progesterone inhibits the frequency of LH secretory pulses & estrogen inhibits FSH secretion
So estrogen and progesterone synergise to inhibit ovulation
Estrogens increase the risk of endometrial carcinoma while progestin given concurrently blocks the risk..

So use em together!

Side effects of medicines combined (:

Each coin has two sides.. The trick is to use both sides to your benefit.. Team up!

Lemme know if know of any other such combinations.. Where the evils come together for the good without creating a dilemma..
Please do comment or email me and let me know.. :)

"I make bad look so good" -Megamind ;)
Have a nice day lol


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