Friday, July 20, 2012

Oral Rehydration Therapy

Hello everyone! :D
Indian Academy of Pediatrics is celebrating the ORS week where we create awareness about Oral Rehydration Therapy :)

Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) is a treatment for dehydration associated with diarrhea.

ORS saves millions of children a year from death due to diarrhea.
But sadly, even today children die due to diarrhea in some developing countries.
Sometimes people don't understand that praying is not enough, treatment should also be given. They should not be negligent when it comes to health.
We have a quotation, "Dawa and Dua" are essential to save a person's life.
Dawa means medicine & Dua means Prayer.
So I give equal importance to both the factors in our lives, faith and medicine, and this was the basis of my poster for the ORS awareness week :)

Francis Bacon said, ''Hope is a good breakfast, but it is a bad supper."

ORS awareness poster

So lemme tell you about ORS ^_^
You see, normally our body pumps out fluid in the intestine during digestion
This fluid has a high concentration of sodium
Nearly all of this fluid is reabsorbed by the intestine, in an healthy individual, to maintain a balanced sodium level in the body.

During diarrhea, liquid secreted in the intestinal lumen passes the gut so quickly that very little sodium and water is absorbed. This is why, heavy continuous diarrhea can be a very dangerous and potentially life-threatening condition within hours.
This is the reason why you need sodium and water replenishment via ORT

Why is glucose needed?
The co-transport of sodium into the epithelial cells via the SGLT1 protein requires glucose or galactose. Without glucose or galactose present, intestinal sodium will not be absorbed.

Remember: Glucose is never more than 110mMol/lit to avoid the risk of osmotic diarrhea.

Why is sodium citrate or sodium lactate or NaHCO3 used?
The alkali loss due to diarrhea causes acidosis. It is corrected :)

I also wrote a poem as a part of this program, even though I'm VERY bad at rhymes :D

The ORS says :
"I'm oral rehydrating solution,
I help balance water distrubution.

Whatever the cause maybe,
Whether it's rotavirus or cholera,
and it's causing vomitting or diarrhoea,
utilize me properly in this era.

I'm a medicine that barely costs,
So when water from the body is lost,
Don't hesitate to use sugar and salt,
& put dehydration to a halt.

I've saved millions of lives,
But still some don't survive.
So please create awareness about me,
& let people use me wonderfully.

Please create awareness.. If you know a mother with a child, educate her about diarrhea. Let people know. You never know, you could save a life. :)


Update: I won the first prize for this poster in National ORS week conducted by Indian Pediatric Association ^__^


  1. God already has a divine plan.It is arrogant to pray to change his plan.Everything happens according to his wish. Then why pray again.

    1. This poster was made for orthodox villagers who think it is arrogant to "Change God's plan" and recieve treatment for diseases. I didn't want to promote something like, "Don't pray" which would, obviously, create a rift between medical practitioners and patients. Pray as well as seek treatment was the objective.

      There's a lot of reasons why you should pray - Psychologically, when we or someone dear to us is sick; we feel helpless and in despair. Praying gives us hope, that a force which is greater than human; will make things better for us. Hope is a good thing.

      I understand your belief that everything happens for the best and God's plan is divine. But there is nothing wrong with praying :)


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