Thursday, December 27, 2012

Benzodiazepenes as preanaesthetic medication

Why are benzodiazepenes used as preanaesthetic medications?
Because they produce tranquility, smoothen induction and produce amnesia (there is a loss of recall of perioperative events)

They also counteract CNS toxicity of local anaesthetics
What does that mean? @_@
It simply means that they help control seizure activity ^_^

When CNS toxicity occurs, it is rapid in onset, administration of intravenous anticonvulsant drugs is not expeditious enough to terminate the condition
That is why, barbiturates and benzodiazepines are administered as a prophylactic measure to prevent seizures in a variety of minor surgical and endoscopic procedures :)

That's all!



  1. Love this blog ! So awesome of you to share tips n tricks :)

    Are we allowed to contribute mnemonics of our own ? If yes , how ?
    PS : how do u manage to maintain this blog , study n also win poster making competitions ? Hats off to ya !!!

    1. Thank you so much! ^__^

      People usually write their mnemonics in the comments & I update the post accordingly.
      You can also email them to me at

      I think we end up managing the things we love to do.. I guess that's my secret =D

    2. Oh I see you have a blog too!
      I love reading ward diaries & clinical experiences (Will check it out after my university exams!) T_T

      If you want to write study blogs, you are most welcome! Email me.

  2. Oh I am just a newbie compared to the great work u have going on here !
    Do check out my blog when u find time..I'll definitely mail u once I get done with my own prelims :P

    1. Awh we all start small.. We just need to be consistent in whatever we do and we end up better than before!
      Sure thing! Looking forward to it =)


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