Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cerebellum mnemonics

Hello everyone!
This post is for those having trouble remembering the cerebellum

I modified a mnemonic I got online :)
So if you have a little bit of anatomic imagination cerebellum should be a piece of cake for you!

Region: Hemisphere (lateral)
Principle input: Cerebrocerebellar
Function: Peripheral coordination and planning
How to remember: It’s location is around the periphery of cerebellum

Region: Flocculonodular lobe
Principle input: Vestibulocerebellar
Function: Ear, eye, balance, body co-ordination.
How to remember: Pops out to the edges, looks like bunny ears to me =P

Region: Vermis
Principle input: Spinocerebellar
Function: Axial equilibrium
How to remember: It is located in the axis of cerebellum
And looks like the spinal column

Also, the intermediate hemisphere influences the lower motor neurons via the rubrospinal and reticulospinal tracts

I think of climber plants and the fruit olive
And that's how the "climbing fibres" and "olivocerebellar tracts" come together xD

Superior Sends out
Superior cerebellar peduncle in the major outflow from the cerebellum

That's all the mnemonics I got
Feel free to add more in the comments ^__^



  1. Great one! I've struggled with this since 2nd year med school

  2. thanks a lot! really helpfull!! xx

  3. Hello everyone, I have a question, Why would lesion to the cerebellar cortex affect movement on ipsilateral side of the body?

    1. Because the tract crosses over twice.

      The ventral spinocerebellar tract will cross to the opposite side of the body first in the spinal cord as part of the anterior white commissure and then cross again to end in the cerebellum (referred to as a "double cross")

    2. Because the posterior spinocerebellar tract enters ipsilaterally via inferior cerebellar peduncle..and the anterior spinocerebellar tract enters through the superior cerebellar peduncle of the same side...keep in mind THE INPUT OF BOTH ANT. And POST. Spinocerebellar tract is IPSILATERAL!!!

  4. Please can you make a mnemonics on the lobulwd formed by the vermis


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