Friday, May 3, 2013

Obstructive and restrictive lung diseases

Happy friday everyone!
We’ll learn about obstructive and restrictive lung diseases today.
This is just a short summary for a quick review :)

Obstructive lung diseases - Characterized by airway obstruction.
You have an obstruction in air flow resulting in air trapping in the lungs.
Increased compliance: Due to the loss of alveolar and elastic tissue.
You have a problem getting air out of your lungs.
Mnemonic: Obstructive Out

They breathe like “poof poooooof”
In and oooooout
They take infinity to get it all out =P
So, FEV1 / FVC is decreased.

TLC and RV increased - Flow volume loop shifts towards left.

Examples: Any pathology that decreases the ability to develop a positive intrapleural pressure.
(Airways close prematurely at high lung volumes!)
Chronic bronchitis

Restrictive lung diseases - Characterized by restriction of lung expansion.
You have a problem getting air into your lungs.
Reduced compliance: Lungs become fibrotic, lose their distensibility and become stiffer.
Mnemonic: Restrictive Reduced compliance

They breathe like “poof pof”
In and out
They get everything out in one second =P
So, FEV1 / FVC is increased.

TLC and RV decreased - Flow volume loop shifts towards the right.

Examples: Any pathology that decreases the ability to develop a negative intrapleural pressure.
Pulmonary fibrosis

That's all!

I know you must've found the "poof" sounds pretty weird because that isn't the way you breathe
But they are a funny and they help me remember so I put it up anyway ^___^"
Just like "lup dubb" are official sounds for heart beats.. Which sounds would you assign to inspiration and expiration?


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