Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Antibiotic sensitivity tests for gram positive cocci mnemonic

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This is a short post on mnemonic for antibiotic sensitivity tests for gram positive cocci. 

What is antibiotic sensitivity?
Susceptibility of bacteria to antibiotics.
If a bacteria is susceptible or sensitive to a particular drug, it means the drug can be used to kill it or inhibit it.

What is Antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST)?
It is used to determine which antibiotic will be most successful in treating a bacterial infection in vivo.
It basically evaluates how much of a given antibiotic is needed to kill or impair the growth of the microbe found in the culture.

Why else do we need antibiotic sensitivity tests?
To differentiate various micro-organisms!

Novobiocin, Bacitracin, Optochin.. Senisitive or resistant? So hard to remember! >.<
Mnemonic to the rescue! Yaay!

Antibiotic sensitivity tests for gram positive cocci mnemonic

I added a few emoticons because we tend to remember pictures more than just words.
"I think--I think when it's all over, It just comes back in flashes, you know?"
Taylor Swift
That's all!

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