Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ferrous vs Ferric mnemonic

Ferrous vs ferric
Also, for transportation of iron I remember the fat one is 3+ and  the thin one is 2+

When you eat food, you are taking the fatty iron, that is, the 3+

For transporting it into the gut, you need to get thin, that is, get converted into 2+

Storage makes you fat. So for being stored Fe2+ is converted to Fe3+

Again, to transport it out of the gut, you need to get thin, that is, 2+

You need to be fat enough for transferring yourself to the tissues that is, 3+

Here's a diagram I made for reference -

Iron absorption and transportation by intestinal epithelium into the blood


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    1. That's awesome as well.. Thanks for sharing! :D
      Another one I found online - Ferrous, just for the two of us. :3

  2. I know this post was from 2013, but I thought I'd still comment �� I remember it as "there's only room for 2 on the ferris (ferrous) wheel" Goofy, but it works for me!


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