Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Purine and pyrimidine nucleotides mnemonic

Mnemonic for purine nucleotides:
"Pure as gold"
"PURe as AG"
Purine nucleotides are Adenine and Guanine.


Mnemonic for pyrimidine nucleotides:
"Cut the pie"
"CUT the PY"
Pyrimidine nucleotides are Cytosine, Uracil and Thymine.


How to remember that it is pyrimidine - pyrimidine dimers and not purine - purine dimers that are formed on exposure to UV light: Pyrimidine is the bigger word. People who have big hearts fall in love with each other.

"It's bigger on the inside."



  1. another nice one ^-^
    P.S (yet again! XD) mnemonic to easily tell apart purine and pyrimidine from a given structure [only purine from pyrimidine, not cytosine from uracil or adenine from guanine]:-
    pyrimidine:- long name, short structure (1 ring)
    purine: short name, long structure (2 rings)

    1. Ah thank you again for your contribution! :)
      Btw I updated the vasomotor reversal of Dale for ya! ^__^

      I had made some really nice mnemonics on how to remember the structures (I actually drew the purine and pyrimidine structures in my B'chem paper getting an 80+ in my exam, that's how a nerdy I was in my first year xD)
      I'll let you know when I upload em <3

    2. A..A..An 80+ in b'chem in first yr! :O
      Angel, i'll pray to u everyday for the rest of my life! *-*

    3. Haha no, it's all because of the mnemonics! :D

    4. Where are mnemonics for structures?

  2. Also regarding structures: a yummy pie looks like one ring, You are married with 2 pure as gold rings :)
    pyrimidine: 1 ring structure, purine: 2 ring structure.

  3. "All tigers can grawl"For pairing in DNA
    Tigers -Thymine
    Can -Cytosine
    Adenine pairs with -Thymine
    -Cytosine with guanine

  4. The symbol for Gold is Au, Ag is silver (maybe pure as silver then?)

    1. Oh my! How did I not notice this before? :O
      Yup. Pure as silver then!

  5. At Gotham city [ A pairs with G: C pairs with T


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