Friday, November 15, 2013

Tropia vs Phoria

What is Strabismus?
A condition in which the eyes are not properly aligned with each other.

What is tropia?
A misalignment of the two eyes when a patient is looking with binocular vision and the two eyes are looking at the same object.

What is phoria?
A misalignment of the two eyes that only appears when binocular viewing is broken and the two eyes are no longer looking at the same object.

A tropia is a manifest deviation of the eyes.
A phoria is a latent deviation ("un-manifested") between the eyes.

Tropias are unmasked (That is, always visible & not hidden under a mask =P )
Phorias can be unmasked by covering either one of the eyes.

Tropias are diagnosed by the cover-uncover test (Unilateral cover test).
Phorias are diagnosed by the cover-cover test (Alternating cover test).

A tropia is always present.
Phorias are present some of the time.

What do you mean by, "Phorias are present some of the time"?
When the patient is tired, the misalignment of the eyes starts to appear.

So what happens during the rest of the time?
Phoria is usually kept under control so that the eyes appear normal and work together normally most of the time. Most phorias cause no symptoms at all =)

How do I remember this? @_@
PSD: Phoria - Sometimes Deviated
I remember one & the other one is the other one ;)

That's all!

Ophthalmology exam coming up & that's the reason I am flooding with all these Optho posts, hope I do well =D
Hope you guys are doing well too <3



  1. I have my ophthal exam coming up soon. And this is helping! Thank you Ikan


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