Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Anti-platelet drugs, receptor and their deficiencies mnemonic

Bernard Soulier syndrome mnemonic
Anti-platelet drug mechanism mnemonic - Abciximab

Glanzmann's thrombasthenia mnemonic
Anti-platelet drug mechanism mnemonic - Clopidogrel
Fibrinogen has iib in it, making the fact that it binds to iib/iiia receptor easy to remember.

"One willebrand with one big soul had one cola."
Von willebrand factor binds to ib receptor and subendothelial collagen.
Again, soul to remember association with bernard soulier disease.



  1. abciximab and the others are IIB/IIIA antagonists.....and not IIA/IIIB antagonists as u have have written...
    and it is deficency of IIB/IIIA that causes GLANZMANN THROMBESTHENIA....

    1. Thank you for the correction.. We updated it! ^__^

    2. always welcome hai ji :)....i want to contribute to this site....

    3. Oh.. If you want to contribute your own post, you can email anything to me at
      We publish them in the submissions label =)


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