Monday, December 23, 2013

Healthy food: Salads

Hey everyone!

I thought of sharing something that inspired me.. It's about nutrition (Not my regular study post!)

In this age where cardiovascular problems and cancer have been on the rise like never before, it has become essential for us to eat healthy. We need to cut down on bad cholesterol and encourage fiber, nutrient rich, natural, unprocessed food.

Recently, there was a salad making competition held in my mom's school. Children of the second grade helped their mummy's make salads in the school.

The idea is brilliant. It not only encourages children to eat healthy but also involves them in the process of cooking good food. The competitive nature of the program adds a hint of art to the whole process and promotes imaginative thinking.

Students were given chef hats and their mom's were provided aprons by the school. Each desk had a proper table cloth & tissues. In this little way, values of hygiene and cleanliness were also imparted to the children.

The wonderful thing about the human brain is that we learn faster when we experience and do things ourselves. It has a greater impact than simply reading words projected to us. That is why it is essential to cultivate good habits in our children and more importantly, in ourselves. Always make sure you set a good example.

Salads are easy, fun & tasty (unlike cooked veggies that many dislike)

Eating salad almost every day may be one of the most simplest and healthy eating habits you can adopt.. So make sure you have your salad today!
And involve the little ones too.. They are really enthusiastic, encouraging and creative. They make everything so appealing and colorful!

For all those wondering which salad won the competition, each salad was rewarding in their own way with fun and awesomeness. There were about 12 special prizes from the school depending on taste, nutritive value, presentation etc.. I'm guessing the one winner idea was discarded to convey the kids that it's a win-win situation if you eat salads.

I was pretty impressed with the whole thing, sharing it with you all assuming the concept will inspire you too!

If you've made a creative salad, send your healthy salad pictures to and we'll share it with everyone here!

The principal of the school whose idea inspired me to write this post.
Photo credits: Sakina Dewaswala for collecting the pictures and sending them to me and all the parents who permitted me to publish the pictures of their salads.

Thank you!


  1. Hi Ikan, great job as always.....but did i miss something. Where are your mnemonics to make all those healthy salads? Hope you come with few soon, to make medicos awesome and healthy too....


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