Sunday, December 15, 2013

Human developmental index and physical quality of life index mnemonic

For Human Developmental Index remember, "Humans LIKe development"
So it takes into consideration: Life expectancy, Income & Knowledge.

Physical Quality of Life Index, "LIL physical quality"
It takes into consideration: Life expectancy, Infant mortality, Literacy.

For remembering the I in both mnemonics, I think that development is linked to money (income).
LIL should remind you of the little one, that is, the kid & hence infant mortality!

That's all!
I feel it's better to have different words in mind to help remembering.. Don't mix em up!
Here are some flashcards I made (Never ended up uploading them but yeah).

Human developmental index flashcard question
Human developmental index flashcard answer

Physical quality of life index flashcard question
Physical quality of life index flashcard answer


  1. sensitivity=true positive + false negative
    specificity=true negative + false positive

    1. We have those flashcards here -


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