Monday, December 30, 2013

Parotid tumors mnemonic

I had trouble remembering that Warthin's tumor is "Papillary cystadenoma lymphomatosum" and this happened.
Yes, feel the "Warth" (or maybe I'm just weird!)

Wrath of the Pa-cyst-ans? Warthin's tumor? Papillary-cystadenoma-lymphomatosum? YES!
Anyway, Warthin's tumor is a benign tumor localized to parotid gland.
The histology goes with the name -
Papillary: The cystic spaces have epithelium that protrude into them (papillary infoldings)
Cyst: Composed of cystic spaces (lined by double-layered eosinophilic epithelium)
Adenoma: It's a tumor of a gland, duh!
Lymphomatosum: Embedded in lymphoid stroma (with germinal center formation)

Other tumors will now be easy to remember (hopefully) -

Pleomorphic adenoma: The mixed up tumor with myxoid, epithelial cells & cartilage-like elements!

Mucoepidermoid tumor: The Malignant tumor!

Oncocytoma: Occurs in Old people!

Adenoid cystic carcinoma: Tends to infiltrate perineural spaces and causes pain. (This we'll have to remember, unless you submit us a mnemonic! =D )

That's all!
Happy new year < 3


  1. Hi......I appreciate ur posts.....keep it up..........

  2. Adenoid cystic carcinoma = A - Ache so painful

  3. *Ad*enoid cystic =A D to Pain *wink*

  4. Also Pleomorphic adenoma
    Fifth decade
    Firm lobulated
    Forms pseudopodia
    Frequents (recurr)

    Complications of parotidectomy 5Fs
    Fluid collection
    Flap necrosis
    Facial nerve injury

  5. Thank u fir great wirk.
    I am confused what ans stand for in rbe mnemonic

  6. What does Freya mean in the parotidectomy complication please? Thanks


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