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Cell mnemonics

Layers of the epidermis mnemonic:
"Cornea is lucid, granules are spiny"
Silly association to remember the sequence: Cornea is the outermost layer of the eye, and the base is always the innermost layer.
Cornified layer (stratum corneum)
Clear/translucent layer (stratum lucidum, only in palms and soles)
Granular layer (stratum granulosum)
Spinous layer (stratum spinosum)
Basal/germinal layer (stratum basale/germinativum)

Sarcomere with various bands mnemonic:
Z is the end  of the alphabet and Z is the end of the sarcomere.
M is the middle of the alphabet and M is in the middle of the sarcomere.
Attached to the M line are your Mighty Myosin (Mighty = thick filaments)
"My tits" (Sorry for the vulgar language) is for remembering that myosin is attached by titin to the Z line.
Actin (acthin) is the thin filament attached to the Z line.

H is a thick letter so only thick filaments are found in the H band.
I is a thin letter so I band has only thin filaments!

Myosin doesn't like to change and is very bossy. So it not only took the middle M letter for the M line, but also took the A alphabet to represent itself (How mean, poor Actin! T_T)
PS: A band represents the thick filaments irrespective of the overlap, unlike H band.
So during contraction, A band doesn't change (The myosin only part)
The H and I band changes in width during contraction.

Cell junctions mnemonic:

You'll have to refer my notes for this.. At the moment, I don't have time to type it all out so I uploaded it directly from my book (Lemme know if you have difficulty reading or something in the comments, I'll type that part out)
Cell biology - Cell junctions mnemonic
Zona occludens - Tight junction.
If you have to occlude, you have to be a "tight".

Macula Adherens Desmosomes "MAD"

Hemidesmosomes and desmosomes: Clinical association and mnemonic here.

Other mnemonics:
Weibel–Palade bodies store and release von Willebrand factor and P-selectin.


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