Thursday, January 9, 2014

How to make medical mnemonics

As medical students, we have a lot of information we need to memorize. Mnemonics makes things easier. If you make them yourself, you are more likely to remember them!
So we are going to learn how to make mnemonics! Yaay!


The oldest trick in the book is to take the initials of the points you want to remember and make a good anagram. It's like practicing for scrabble!


Modifying the above tip, instead of a word, you could make a sentence.

Pretend the things you are learning about are comic characters talking to each other. Cells, organs, bacteria or even instruments. Once, I pretended guns from Forensic Medicine to be guns from Counter Strike! Even if you don't come up with a mnemonic, it makes things fun nonetheless.


Draw! No matter how bad an artist you are, drawing little hints and tips in your textbook is gonna help review what you learnt a lot faster. Images are better stored in your cerebrum than words.


Make jokes. And tell them to every medical student you meet till you remember them.


Using puns is my favorite.


In my experience, if you stare at the word long enough, you'll find a mnemonic in the word itself.
Maybe "hashimOtO has O for hypOthyroidism and gRavEs' has E, R for hypERthyroidism" isn't the best mnemonic ever but it's helpful when you are freaking out staring at similar options in multiple choice questions!

If you can't make one, Google. There must be someone who tried doing this before you.

Make sure you have fun learning in the information you have!


  1. Hi Ikan... You r awesome!! Your mnemonics helped me a lot... Thanks... And.. Something tells me that you are a Keralite... I had made out from your handwriting that you are a girl.. ;)

    1. Hey Sammy! Thank you so much for the compliments. Oh I'm SO glad they helped you!

      That's pretty genius to guess chromosomes from handwriting :P

      Awh I love South India myself.. Wanna visit Kerala someday! (But I guess you can't make out geography from handwriting, I'm a Mumbaikar :D )

  2. Hey that's not from your handwriting Ikan! In your virus picture mnemonic you had equated 'ortho' to 'thinking'.. Ortho means remember/think in malayalam.. That's y I thought twas worth a guess... And please do come to' God's own country!! Would love to show you around ;)

    1. Oh that! I didn't know that.. I just illustrated it :D
      Good guessing!
      I will come to South soon.. And I'll be sure to meet you!

  3. You are amazing! You have an extraordinary talent with mind palaces. Hope you would never run out of creative ideas! May the force be with you ��

    1. Thank you! <3
      So very much!

      May the force be with you too!


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