Saturday, March 8, 2014

Antiparkinsonism drugs mechanism mnemonics

Hey everyone!
We'll be learning about drugs that are used in Parkinson's disease.
Drugs and their mechanisms are hard to remember because they are soo many! I like pairing the action with the drug name to keep it simple!
Be selective about caps and combs.
Selegiline is a selective MAO-B inhibitor.
Entcapone and Tolcapone are COMT inhibitors.

Entcapone can't enter the CNS. Inhibits only peripheral COMT.
Tolcapone prevents L-dopa degradation in the brain as well as the periphery.

Pex got pin for the dopamine receptor.
Pramipexole, Rotigotine & Ropinirole are dopamine receptor agonists.

"Bro er.. Go to dopamine receptor"
Bromocriptine and Pergolide are ergot derivatives that act directly on the dopamine receptors.

Submitted by Nilima:

Tolcapone crosses BBB and is toxic to liver.
Tol = tall (can reach brain)
toL = L ( liver toxicity)

That's all!
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  1. simply MEDICOWESOME! thank you dude :D

    1. Nice !! To remember ENTcapone as only a peripheral comt inhibitor, you can highlight the ENT in ENTcapone and think of it as ENTeric ( to emphasize the peripheral part ) hence enteric has to be in the periphery and can't go to the brain !

  2. This is soooo helpful!!!THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!:)


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