Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Left testicular vein drains into (Mnemonic)

Hey guys!
Did you know that the right gonadal vein, right suprarenal vein and the right inferior phrenic vein drain into the Inferior Vena Cava?
Really? Then where do the left sided veins drain?
Left renal vein!
How do I remember this? @_@
I use the "RIVer" buzzword to remember Right sided veins drain into the IVC.

The fact that the left gonadal vein (testicular vein) drains in the left renal vein is particularly high yield because 98% of idiopathic varicoceles occur on the left side.

That's all!


Contributed by frenchcox: I remember this because aorta is on the left and IVC is on the right. So it’s easy for the right-sided veins to drain directly in the IVC, while the left-sided veins would have to be much longer, and therefore they find easier to drain themselves in the left renal vein.


  1. Googled "how to remember right testicle drains to IVC" and showed up here. Very helpful :D

    1. Haha silly things do need help at times! :D
      I am glad it helped ^__^

  2. Left Gonadal and left suprarenal vein both drain in to left renal vein....


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