Sunday, April 6, 2014

Embryological origin of brain mnemonics

Hello brainy people! Let's memorize the embryological origins of the encephalon! The what? The brain? Yeah, that's what we call it!
Disclaimer: I've made super lame associations =P

Three primary vesicles:

Forebrain is a pro.
Prosencephalon - future forebrain.

M for midbrain, mesencephalon.
Mesencephalon - future midbrain.

Rhomboid fossa is in the hindbrain.
Rhombencephalon - future hindbrain.

Five secondary vesicles:

You do telepathy with your cerebral hemispheres!
Telencephalon - Cerebral hemispheres.

Diet. Also, your food centres are in hyptothalamus.
Diencephalon - Thalamus, hypothalamus.

M for midbrain, mesencephalon.
Mesencephalon - Midbrain.

Meet me at the pond, bella.
Metencephelon - Pons, cerebellum.

Myelen think spinal cord. What connects spinal cord to the brain?
Myelencephalon - Medulla.

That's all!
*zombie voice* "Brains! Human brains!"


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