Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bone talk - How to remember the most commons of bone tumors

We are going to talk about a famous steakhouse in Atlanta, this is going to help us remember a list of most-commons for bone tumors. (Ready to get chomping?)

It's the start of the weekend and 5 pals decide to have dinner at the "Bones" restaurant in Atlanta.
By the time they get ushered to a table it's already 8:30 pm. They all start thinking about what to order..

Now, 2 of the friends have to get home before 9 pm (I call them be - 9)
Just as they are about to order both their phones start ringing..

The first says, "Ooh ooh its mom, I better get going."
He slides away and manages to get home before 9.
{Most common "true" benign bone tumor is "Ooh-ooh" - Osteoid osteoma}

The 2nd dude tries coaxing his mom, "Ooh, see mom I just got out with my friend after ages"..Only to be chided by his MoM, sadly he waves Goodbye..
But obviously reaches later than 9 (Thanks to the prolonged altercation)
{Most common benign tumor is "Ooh C" - Osteochondroma}

Now three friends are left behind.
The 1st is a total foodie. He eats at the bones and many other restaurants. He definitely knows what to order so he asks for a "Meta meat steak".
Magnificent choice says the waiter.
{"Meta" - Static deposit from primaries else where are more common than primary bone tumors}

The 2nd friend is a regular at Bones. He seldom eats anywhere else so he prefers a Mountain High Pie - A Bones tradition for dessert.
"Mm mm, superb!" says the waiter
{Most common primary malignant tumor is "Mm, mm" - Multiple myeloma}

The last friend is indecisive and his friends tell him, "Since you have done nothing but eat.. Why don't you pay the bill?"
"Oh sheesh I'm in a fix" he thinks to himself.
{2nd most common primary malignant bone tumor are "Ohh sheesh" - Osteosarcoma}

Submitted by Jolhf Mathai Koshy


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