Thursday, August 14, 2014

Quad screen results, triple marker and trisomies mnemonic

If you suck at remembering the results of this test for various disorders, you are in the right place.

Quad screen interpretation with mnemonic
Down's syndrome and Turner's syndrome are common so let's do those first.
Arrange the biochemical markers of quad screen in alphabetical order:
AFP, Estriol, HCG, Inhibin A.
Low low high high.
Alternatively, you could remember: HIgh - HCG and Inhibin.

Edward is a boy's name. So HE is feeling low.
HCG and Estriol are low in Trisomy 18.
AFP and Inhibin are unchanged.

Patau is high. Among the components of the quad screen, only AFP has a P in it so it is easyto remember that it is the only marker which is high.
Estriol, Inhibin A and HCG are normal in Trisomy 13.

In the triple marker test, Inhibin is not measured.

That's all!

Puberty at 13, Elect at 18 and Drinks at 21 is another common mnemonic used to remember the trisomies. Thought of sharing if you didn't know :)

Puberty = Patau's syndrome = Trisomy 13
Election = Edward's syndome = Trisomy 18
Drinking = Down's syndrome = Trisomy 21


  1. this is really awesome Nakeya :) =D hats off !

  2. AFP Pops uP in Patau. In case someone forgets whether it was decrease or increase.

  3. Replies
    1. Glad you found it helpful.

      PS: I like the 52 in your name. My favorite number! :D

  4. Hi! I was having some trouble remembering it. Just came across this. It's a good mnemonic.
    However there are some discrepancies when I compared it with the data on uptodate. Can you please specify the source you looked at. According to uptodate:
    Downs : correct as above
    Edwards: everything's low and inhibin is unchanged
    Patau: everything's unchanged .

    Hope this helps :)

    Anyways here's the uptodate chart link

    1. Uh oh. My chart is different from the one on UpToDate :(

      I don't know where I got this chart from ._.
      I'll update it soon!


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