Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Choledochal cyst types mnemonic

This was asked in my prelims.
Here's the text. Mnemonic in the picture.
Type-I cysts have been subclassified into 3 types.
Type IA shows marked cystic dilation of the entire extrahepatic biliary tree, with sparing of the intrahepatic ducts.
Type IB is defined by focal, segmental dilation of the extrahepatic bile duct.
Type-IC cysts are smooth fusiform dilations of the entire extrahepatic bile duct, usually extending from the pancreaticobiliary junction to the intrahepatic biliary tree.
Type-II cysts are discrete diverticuli of the extrahepatic duct with a narrow stalk connection to the CBD
Type-III cysts are also called choledochocele. They consist of dilation of the distal CBD that is confined to the wall of the duodenum, and often bulge into the duodenal lumen.
Type-IV cysts are multiple in nature and are further subdivided based on intrahepatic duct development.
Type-IVA cysts are multiple intrahepatic and extrahepatic dilations.
Type-IVB cysts refer to multiple dilations of the extrahepatic biliary tree only.
Type-V CCs refer to Caroli disease, also known as communicating cavernous ectasia, which is multiple saccular or cystic dilations of the intrahepatic bile ducts.
Classification of choledochal cysts mnemonic 


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