Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Treatment of carcinoma penis mnemonic

When total scrotectomy with orchidectomy is done along with total amputation of the penis - it is known as "Sir Piersey Gold" operation.
I remember, "Scrotum Penis Gone" to remember the initials of this eponymous surgery. It prevents frequent dermatitis of the scrotal skin due to perineal urethrostomy and reduces sexual desire.
Young's radical operation for carcinoma penis is another name you have to remember:
The ilioinguinal lymph nodes bilaterally form a Y with the penis. (See image) Y for young's operation, that's how I remember!


  1. Try not to cut, rub, pick or burrow. What's more, don't utilize burning chemicals like Chlorine, Ammonia, Bleach, Oven cleaner, Gasoline or Aspirin. For the advantage of undiscerning PPP sufferers, fabricates of these chemicals ought to have imprinted on their marks a notice in red shouting "Risky to your penis" read more for find more information.

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