Monday, October 13, 2014

What is the difference between menstrual regulation and vacuum evacuation?

What is the difference between menstrual regulation and vacuum evacuation?

I was reading gynaecology when I realized that the principles of surgical instrumentation for menstrual regulation are identical to those for first-trimester abortion done by using vacuum aspiration.

Both the procedures involve aspiration of contents of the uterine cavity by means of a plastic cannula called Karman's cannula.

So what's the difference?
Confirmation of pregnancy.

Menstrual Regulation (MR) is the treatment of the delayed menstrual period, to assure a non-pregnant state and a normal menstrual cycle the next time. It is early vacuum evacuation.

Vacuum aspiration is medical termination of pregnancy or abortion. Pregnancy is confirmed when this procedure is performed.

Why give it different names?

MR has an advantage in the countries where abortion is legally banned because it can be conducted without a confirmatory pregnancy test.

Additional info: MR is also used for some other clinical purposes, such as, for uterine biopsy, to treat incomplete abortions, to regularise the menses.

That's all!

This doubt was clarified by a friend's professor. Thanks!


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