Monday, November 17, 2014

Cerebellar lesion clinical signs and symptoms mnemonic

Hello brainy people of the planet.
There's something lovely in your skull that helps keep you steady.
That's your cerebellum!
(We'll be talking about it today!)
Something lovely that helps you study?
That's your cerebrum!
And Medicowesome (Not too sure about the second bit xD)
Let's get to it!

The mnemonic for remembering the clinical signs and symptoms of Cerebellar disease is -
"IT'S Eyes Rebound like a Pendulum."
Intention Tremor
Scanning speech
Eyes rebound for nystagmus
Rebound for the rebound phenomenon
Pendulum for pendular knee jerk and hypotonia

Also remember the "4 Dys" of Cerebellar lesions

For vermis, or midline lesions, remember the 3 T's - Titubation, Truncal ataxia & tandem gait (positive heel to toe gait)

And that wraps up your Cerebellar signs!

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