Saturday, November 15, 2014

Charcot's triad mnemonic

Hello. This is a mini post... For CHArcot's!
Seen in ascending cholangitis.
That's all!


  1. Secretin - secreted by s cells. S cells secretly sleeps in crypts of liberkuhn of duodenum. Stimulus for them is acidic chyme. So when acid of acidic chyme irritates them they wake up. They are very lazy so they say nearby brunner cells ( runner cells are active:-) to neutralise the acid so that they can again sleep. Now the brunner cells secret bicarbonate ions and water . Similarly pancreas also secret bicarbonate and water to neutralise the acid.

    1. This is pure brilliant!
      I wrote my mnemonics here:

    2. Thanx. I just tried copying ur fundas.:-)

    3. Haha. Hormones having feelings and rhyming words is so us!
      Ooh this is your original mnemonic?

  2. Yes this one is original. Made it by mistake. :-)

    1. This is a vulgar one. Bcz vulgar things are easy to remember. Mn is static , easy but tight,stylish, fitBras are Nice.. hypodyslipidemic drugs - statin,ezetimibe,choleStyramine,fibrates,niacin

    2. Sexy ;)

      My friend had made a similar mnemonic, because if you don't want lipids - you need to be thin stat (statin) and have nice cool bras (niacin, cholesytramine, fibrates)

    3. Most vulgar mn ever is cristina ke boobs ke alava baki sare khoon jalate hai. All anticancer drugs causes bone marrow depression except vincristine and bleomycine. Khoon jalana means bone marrow depression.:-)

    4. I just hope no one named christina here:-)

    5. There's one in the show Grey's anatomy, but she is so hard core cardio, she'd just laugh about it! xD

    6. I remember her.She was very crazy about surgery among all the interns.


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