Saturday, November 8, 2014

Ghon's complex in primary tuberculosis mnemonic

The mnemonic is, "GHONS"
GHoN for Giant Hilar lymph Nodes and lymphatics.
S for Subpleural parenchymal lesion.

Remember that the subpleural lesion is located in the lower part of the upper lobe, upper part of lower lobe or the middle lobe.
We are so used to learning that tuberculosis bacilli love living in the aerated upper part of the upper lobe that we might, by mistake, choose that option in a MCQ asking about the primary complex. Keep in mind that the infection in upper part of upper lobe is secondary reactivation TB, not primary.

Mnemonic for Ghons focus vs Ghons complex: 
Ghons compLex consists of Lymph nodes and Ghons focuS is just the Site of primary lesion in the lung. 

That's all! 



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