Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tuberculosis spine mnemonic

I made this for my reference, so that I could make sure that I'd be able to write all the points, in case a LAQ was asked about it.

Radiological features of tuberculosis done mnemonic: SADDER spine.
S for sclerosis. It is a sign of healing and is seen late in the disease.
A for cold Abscess. Write about evidences of retropharyngeal, prevertebral, paravertebral, psoas abscess or simply a widened mediastinum seen on x-ray.
D for disc space reduction. Early sign.
D for destruction of the vertebral body causing wedging.
E for erosion of the vertebral body and evidence of lysis
R for rarefaction
For clinical features of tuberculosis spine: PS C D Pott
So the clinical symptoms of TB spine are - Pain, stiffness, cold abscess, deformity, paraplegia.
That's all!

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