Saturday, December 6, 2014

Hemolytic face mnemonic

Hemolytic face mnemonic

The mnemonic is, "FACE"
F for forehead prominence.
A for ash white face.
(It is due to combination of pallor, hemosiderosis and jaundice.)
C for chew. Which helps me remember that the teeth are widely separated.
(Due to maxillary hypertrophy.)
E for eminence. The malar eminence is prominent.
The forehead and malar prominence is due to extramedullary expansion of bone marrow.
That's all!
I love posting this mini mnemonic points. Even if the mnemonic isn't useful, the concepts stay with you.
Hope you'll are enjoying reading it.


  1. Y dint i get ur blog before...never mind...thankssss...

    1. Aww I wish you did. Better late than never :D
      You're welcome!


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