Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hydatidiform mole (Complete vesicular mole) mnemonic

The mnemonic is, "HYDATIDIFORMS"

Hyatidiform mole mnemonic
HCG increased
Hypertension (And features of pre-eclampsia seen in 50%)

Yuck! Vomiting (Due to excess chorionic gonadotropin)

Dyspnea (Pulmonary embolism of trophoblastic cells)

Abdominal pain (Due to overstretching, hemorrhage, infection, perforation or contractions)

Thyrotoxic features like tremors and tachycardia (Because chorionic thyrotropin is increased)

Increased size of uterus

Doughy, elastic feel of uterus (Due to absence of amniotic fluid sac)

Internal ballottment cannot be elicited

Fetal heart sounds absent, fetal parts not felt

Ovaries enlarged (Due to thecalutein cysts)

Red currant jelly discharge (Commonest presentation is vaginal bleeding, discribed as "White currant in red currant juice" )

Molar tissue expulsion (Grape like vesicles per vaginum)
Methotrexate for metastatic mole

Snow storm appearance on USG (But you must remember that definitive diagnosis is made by histological examination of products of conception)
Suction evacuation is the treatment

That's all!



  1. I think u guys are amazing. Making mnemonics is an art. But For the second I you wrote it as internal ballotment of the uterus. Isn't it external ballotment

    1. Thanks for the appreciation :D

      "Internal ballottement which is elicited bimanually is evident from the 16th week. Repercussion is felt when the fetus is given a push with two fingers in the anterior fornix."

      External ballottement is different.


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