Monday, December 29, 2014

Lines of Zahn

Question: Does a recent thrombus contain lines of Zahn?

Asked by: Maham

Answer: Yes.

Lines of Zahn are laminations formed by layers of fibrin and platelets intervening between layers of red cells. Lines of Zahn help us to differentiate arterial thrombus from a venous one and premortem clot from a postmortem one.

To differentiate a recent thrombus from an old one, you need to look at other features like recanalization and organization.

I am not too sure though, Maham. Lemme know if something is wrong!



  1. hi , thanks a lot for replying. actually am a little confused , a question bank keeps on asking this question and people say answer is calcium ! and what i googled is they say lines of zahn are in a MATURE thrombus so may be calcium is the right answer for RECENT thrombus ! ughh please help me with this !

    1. Umm I didn't get the question.. Could you post the entire question? (If possible)


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