Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Med school inspiration - My first story

Hey guys.
I'll be writing a series on inspirational stories and study tips this year. I'll try to keep them short (Except this one, it's long!)

Since this is my first post, I'll share my first story with you. From the time I entered medical school.
I was a normal, excited and happy to be in medical school kid, just like everyone else.

During terms, I studied causally and attempted the exam. I got my results - I had failed in physiology. My anatomy and biochemistry score was average too.

Yes, I was disheartened. Filled with disappointment. I was an outstanding pre-med. How could I fail in first year med school?

I'll spare you the details about the drowning-in-sadness, frustrated, self loathing me and skip to when I decided to be awesome (I don't quite remember when the transition happened.)

The first thing I did was that I tried to figure out where I went wrong - self analysis.

I realized that medical school needed a little more hard work than before. I had poke-evolved to a new course. I needed to evolve my skills too.

My other flaw was that I wrote really less matter in that paper. Didn't fill up pages with everything I knew. So I learnt how to speed read and highlight the most important information while writing bulk.

I also strengthened my concepts. I ended up reading 3 books on physiology! (Not completely, but chapters that required that little extra.)

For anatomy, I was a diagram machine. I had practiced so much that I could draw and color each diagram in 2-3 minutes.

I knew pathways from biochemistry cold. I practiced writing 2 pathways every day. It was ingrained in my central nervous system.

I had looked into some multiple choice questions as well.

The fear never goes away, no matter how hard you work. But that's okay, let your fear motivate you.  I gave my finals. I made sure I wrote all I knew in the time limit allotted to me.

I was shaking in my boots when I recieved the scores. Here's the good news, guys - I ended up getting the first rank in my college that year in finals. I also got the opportunity to get transferred to an academically better medical school.

To all the first year students out there - I know you're scared. It's okay to be.
Don't quit before giving your best shot - You can never know what the future holds for you if you quit now. You're going to save lives. You're going to share your story, someday. Maybe you're going to write a blog and help other students out.  But most importantly, you'll miss out on your dream. So don't quit.

Medicine is tough. But you're tougher. Recycle the negative emotions you feel into positive ones - Hard work, enthusiasm and curiosity.

If you don't get it, read more about it. If you can't remember it, make a mnemonic. If you need to score better, ask your professors how. Scared of exams? Make practice tests for yourself. Can't figure out how to study? Ask seniors.

Google what you need to know. It's all there for you! Many students have made it before you. You can do this too.

Stay awesome.



  1. Loved your story ! Though after reading this my curiosity is piqued regarding your identity and the college you attend :-)

    1. I am glad you liked it. I'd love to tell you all about my college - What do you wish to know?

    2. I deleted your PG question on tumblr by mistake and can't msg you :(
      Medicine or pediatrics. More towards medicine. I am not sure what I'll end up doing! :D

      What have you decided?

  2. Hello IkaN :)
    I'm a 4th yr med student..i absolutely love your mnemonics..i wish i had come across your blog sooner..but better late than never..:D. Loved your story.My finals are in a month and i am scared.I would be so grateful if u could give a few tips on how to manage 4 subjects in this month. :)
    p.s: ur drawings r very cute. I'm an anime fan too. :D

    1. Hello Kom :)

      Thank you for all the compliments on my mnemonics, story and drawing *blush* <3

      Yaay! I am glad you found me on time :D

      Fear is the best motivator! Let it help you study, but don't let it become overwhelming!

      Which 4 subjects do you need help with?

      PS: Anime fans are the best ^__^

    2. Medicine,Surgery,Gyn & Obs

    3. We study the important questions and the last 10 years questions first for our exams.

      Make sure you write everything you know in the exams.
      Draw diagrams for surgery.
      Make flow charts for management in obstetrics.

      Keep calm and study well. It's the general way to prepare for any exam!

    4. Thank you!! Really appreciate it. :)

      All the best for your exams. :D

  3. Very inspiring story. Post more stories they r very helpful sometimes.

  4. In which medical college do u study IkaN..??

    1. Hey! Even I am a medical student from mumbai! Though now I'm interested in knowing your medical college and also your previous medical college... I'm guessing that your current medical college is under MUHS because they allow transfers and also a govt college cuz they are the academically better ones in mumbai... Am I right?

    2. Yes, you're right!

      I have decided not to give out college information on the internet to protect patient rights if I ever blog about clinical experiences in the future.

      Can you email / twitter / facebook / tumblr me instead?

    3. Sure I can email you. Can you pls give me your e-mail id?

    4. Well, I just sent you and e-mail. Pls do reply. :)

  5. You really are good..!!! Keep up d good work :)

  6. I am also in first year now n suffering in physiology...I am not dumb but I can't just mug up...I find none of the physiology books satisfying...(I have read AK JAIN and GUYTON) My concepts are not strong yet.... :( my sem starts from next month... Pleeeese tell me what books to study and how did u study and remember physiology....should i make notes and all..please reply .. thanks for ur motivations..

    1. Hi. Which concepts are you weak in? Maybe we can help you out bit by bit till sem starts.

      I referred Ganong, AK Jain and another book (Don't remember the name!) for physiology.
      It was my favorite subject so I didn't have a lot of problem learning it :D

      You should make notes. But these are all general advice I can give you. If you lemme know which specific area you're weak in, I can help you out better. So lemme know!

  7. hey really like your blog a lot..im still doing my first year..in the sesne that i started in 2013 and i had back in all the 3 subjects and i cleared one subject each year..and my last subject to clear was anatomy..and my last anatomy exam went well but when results came i had failed again..this is my 5th trial over all...i feel pretty lost at the moment..idk where im going wrong.is it the way i study or write..i really love dis field..buh day by day im losing my groove and dont even feel like reading the same stuff again..my original batch is in their 3 rd year now and im still stuck doing god knows what..professors are not so helpful..one of my professor asked me to write and study everything..i do write study well basically scribble and study i feel writing consumes a lot of time...please do help me out..my next exam is in june..i want to come out of this mess..so hard for me to motivate myself..i really feel lost..thanks for your inspiring msges before.god bless you!.:)

    1. Hey love!

      I wrote a post for you here since it was too long to type: http://medicowesome.blogspot.com/2016/03/studying-anatomy-again.html

      I don't think you should write everything like your professor says. But I think you should draw and label things.

      Do not compare yourself with your friends who have passed out. Try to get the highest marks in anatomy this year and study with your new batch mates :)

      You will get through this. Tough times don't last, tough people do!

  8. It was awsm. ... m in first year... I passed in every pcts that have been conducted till now... but I wanted to ask one thing... is sembhulingham a good book for writing physio.. bcuz for understanding purpose I use guyton only... but for writing exams I prefer byhearting from sembhulingham... so wats ur opinion?

    1. Guyton and Ganong are great books. Try to highlight points you like.

      When you by heart from the other book, add in points from Guyton / Ganong :)


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