Sunday, December 7, 2014

Vitamin C and Scurvy mnemonic

We'll be learning all about vitamin C today!

Random facts about Vitamin C:
Citrus fruits and cabbage are sources
Cooking destroys vitamin C
Collagen synthesis
Capillary intercellular matrix formation
Chew (Bones and teeth development)

So many C's!

Vitamin C deficiency was seen in people who traveled the seas (C's, get it?) because they didn't have a fresh stock of green leafy vegetables.

Since scurvy was also seen in pirates, the mnemonic for deficiency of vitamin C is my favorite pirate -  Captain Jack Sparrow!

Subperiosteal hemorrhage
Pseudoparalysis (Bones are tender and the infant is reluctant to move his limbs, keeps them in a frog-like position - often mistaken for paralysis)
Pencil thin cortex
Pelkan spur
Angle sign
Anorexic child 
Angular and sharp costochondral junction
Rosary (Scorbitic rosary due to the separation of epiphyses of ribs and backward displacement to of sternum)
Orbital or conjunctival hemorrhages
Wound healing is delayed
Wimberger's sign (Epiphyseal centers of ossification are surrounded by a white ring)
White line of Frenkel (Metaphyses demonstrate a zone of well-calcified cartilage)

Extra: A zone of rarefaction occurs proximal to the white line where epiphyseal separation may occur
WBC's ascorbic acid content is a sensitive test for diagnosis

I also want you to remember G for gum bleeding and glass ground cortex. (C looks like a G!)

That's all arr!
"You're without a doubt the worst pirate I've ever heard of."
"But you HAVE heard of me!" :D

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  1. Superb ikaN
    U r just mind blowing.
    Best wishes for u

  2. Jonny depp will surely enjoy this..

    1. R u serious?
      Must have clicked some picsss..
      Bless us with those tooooo.

    2. Yes, I did! Someday, I'll share em with you :)

  3. are you sure its wimbergr sign? is it not wimbwerger ring sign?
    wimberger sign is seen in congenital syphilis right?

  4. Yes it is wimberger ring sign wimberger sign is seen in congenital syphilis


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