Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hepatitis B serum markers mnemonic

HBsAg: Surface protein of hepatitis B which means the person has infection presently. It's a marker for current infection.
Mnemonic: S Stays in Sick patients.

HBsAb: Means the body fought the infection and has created an antibody against it for future reference. Marker for recovery or immunity.
HBsAb IgM: Acute infection.
HBsAb IgG: Chronic infection.
Mnemonic: M comes before G in the word iMmunoGlobulin and Active infection comes before it gets Chronic.

Vaccination: If you are previously vaccinated, HBsAb IgG only without any other markers suggesting infection.

HBeAg: Extracellular cover of core of the hepatitis B virus. If it is present, it means the patient is infectious since the virus is replicating actively. Hepatitis B e antigen marks active infection.
Mnemonic: A, E, I are vowels. Actively Infected if E antigen is present.

HBeAb: It is usually a marker of recovery phase of infection. The infection is resolving, but has not yet resolved. 
Mnemonic: HBeAb means in RecoveREE. (It will not be present in resolved infection!) 
HBcAg: Core protein. Never seen in serum.
HBcAb: Marker of past or present infection.
Mnemonic: You do Not C (see) HbC aNtigen in serum.

HBcAb IgM: Acute infection.
HBcAb IgG: Chronic infection.
Mnemonic: Same mnemonic, M comes before G in the word iMmunoGlobulin and Active infection comes before it gets Chronic.

HBV DNA: Measures virus activity.

Hope that helped!

Random fact: If the HBV infection happened during the infancy period, it is likely to become chronic since the infant is unable produce this antibody at that time.

That's all!

-IkaN and Mo

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