Thursday, January 22, 2015

Short story: Surviving Diabetes

Hi, readers.
I am Sakina aka “M”
This is like my second update in three years. A lazy bum I am!

I decided to update on a fictional short story about the suffering of a patient. Sometimes all we doctors are needed to do is understand and be there to listen and empathize.

Surviving Diabetes
It was a sunny day, I was on my way to buy a present for my just born grandchild. My son asked me to accompany him for a health checkup. I didn’t quite think it was needed, afterall I am 60 and still walking talking healthy, but his reluctance got me agreed. The heath carer told me I had high sugar, that I needed further testing.
Since, that day my life changed. Initially I was given oral tablets, but that was no good..that had me switched to taking injections everyday twice. An injection called insulin; I was a slave to it. My day began with it, and ended with it. Every food, every morsel, even a cup of tea I couldn’t enjoy without taking precautions.
It started one night then, I had shooting pain in my a bolt of lightning. It had me gasping for breath. Slowly even during the day, while walking or cutting vegetables, I would feel as if I have dipped my hands in ice cold water. I loved watching the sunset, I had to give that up..the pain on walking was too much to handle.
My grandchild had come to visit me angel aged 5, when she hugged me it was like thousands of needles pricked me all over my body. I cried. I don’t remember why, was it because of the pain? Or was it because I couldn’t feel the touch of my child?

The tablets never really helped for the pain, it went on becoming worse. Then a year back due to an injury in my leg, I had my leg taken away. Now I am wheel chair bound. I know death is inevitable, that the time will come for everyone. But I can’t help wondering sometimes as to why? Why me?

- M

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