Sunday, January 11, 2015

Inability to concentrate before exams

"I have exams in less than 2 weeks and I'm unable to concentrate. Thought of sending you a message."

At times, our concentration does begin to taper right before exams. Maybe it's because exams are pressurizing and we don't want to learn while we are stressed.
Here's what you can do, with varying success -

Read out loud: It's just a way of making sure you are studying something. If your mind starts wandering, you'll won't understand what you are reading out and you'll alert yourself.

Write: Fill up pages with words that are important. It helps you stay on topic and concentrate. Whenever I am unable to concentrate, I make mini notes on what I will write in the exams. (I also write extra points that others are not likely to write in the exam, pretend my answer is going to be the best - Just to boost my spirit and make myself feel better!)

Use timers: They help me study when I'm able to concentrate. I tell myself, "Girl, you have to finish this topic in 15 minutes and your time starts now!" Once the timer beeps, I add 5-10 minutes if I haven't finished it. If I have, I restart timer for the next topic. The best part about timers is that you can't be idle for too long. the timer will beep in a few minutes and if you are off, you'll come back to studying.

Remove distractions: Keep your phone in another room. Switch off the internet. Make sure everything you need while studying is with you so you don't need to go get water or a pencil and then come back two hours later chewing bubble gum.

Take breaks: They help you concentrate better. Avoid internet during breaks and make sure the timer is running when you take a break so you can get back to it later.

I recommend you keep trying, trying and trying till you're done with exams.

Good luck!


  1. Hi there Girlie.I can do all of the above except keeping my dearest phone away from me......!!!!
    Nice tips though....great job girlie .. Tc <3

    1. N yea goodluck for all your exams girlie..!!!
      Im sure u gonna score awesome in every subject...!! Tc <3

    2. Haha. True story!

      I am done with my exams for now, girl :*

  2. you are awesome.. thanks for helping us

  3. good luck��
    Thank you ma'am��


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