Friday, January 9, 2015

New year

Here's something written by a friend as motivation for new year.
Thanks for letting me publish this, Raman! -IkaN

So many years have passed and you kept making resolutions every year, same ones year after year just to keep them for few  weeks or may be months.

But this year, it's time to stop making resolutions and start making decisions; decisions firm enough to make this year the absolute best year. 

And while doing so, promise yourself not to fall back on your old ways, and affirm yourself every morning that these decisions ate the ones that are going to help you make new rituals in order to change your life in a positive way forever. And additionally, after a span of some 5 or 10 years you will be looking back at 2015 with a sense of satisfaction and gratitude.

Of all these decisions, the one that will make the game easier for you is to decide not to make a plan B for whatever you do. Burn all the bridges behind you so that you fight with all your might in order to get closer to your long cherished dream.

And now that you have decided not to have a plan B, make a written plan A; a plan that will have all your dreams, the ways and efforts needed to achieve them. Remember, a goal committed to paper is a real goal, all others are mere wishes. Divide these into suitable time frame. And celebrate every single achievement this year, no matter how small, that will act a booster for your hard work.

Secondly, and most importantly, don't accept anything that is mediocre. Never compromise with hard work, you were born awesome. It's just the choices that you have made so far have made you this way. Stop being mediocre this moment onwards and be awesome instead. To be awesome is your birthright and your mission on this planet and nobody can stop you from being that, except you!

So now onwards

Dream big and start small but start NOW.
Exercise daily.
Drink lots of water.
Avoid negative people.
Explore your hidden talents.
Read often.
Learn a new skill.
Appreciate good in people.
Spend some time with yourself on daily basis.
Practice gratitude.
Give more than you take.
Talk to your parents more often.
Smile at strangers.
Help the ones in need.
And never hold yourself back.
Have an amazing, fruitful and a sensible year ahead.

Written by Raman S. Borade


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