Friday, January 30, 2015

Study group discussion: Reason behind names of oral contraceptive pills and retroalimentation

I remember in my obstetrics practical.. I was asked why the name mala was used for mala-D or mala-N. These are oral combined contraceptive distributes free in India.
Anyone from India knows why?
I tried searching online.. Didn't find the reason why!

Mala means garland in Hindi. I have no idea why they would call a contraceptive a chain of flowers or beads though!

I am not sure but i think something like mala pearl and it's importance?
Mala N and D have other names like moti, pearl.

This Mala n and mala d is a garland like with beads equal to number of days in a month.

The mala D thing you asked... The backside of the packet shows the pattern in which they're supposed to be taken... That looks like beads in string... So may be that's why the name...

Makes sense.

Yes, but they can inhibit the synthesis of sexual hormones. If used for prolonged time, it makes harder for a woman to get pregnant after stopping them. They're very effective though.

Hmm.. I never read anything like that.

Read about retroalimentation of sexual hormones.

What's that?

If they are taken orally, the body stops producing them normally. They have a negative retroalimentation, meaning that if theres estrogens in the body, other glands will notice and they wont produce it naturally. Hormones have a whole organ-brain system of production.

So that's bad?

No, not bad.
Doesnt mean they'll be sterile.
Just means itll take time for the body to produce them naturally again.

I've read that if woman take hormonal therapy they have more propensity to get endometrial cancer.

Yeah, that's why progesterone is added.

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