Thursday, January 29, 2015

Study group experience #1

It was SO very exciting to meet new people from all over the world. I got to speak to my followers directly which I don't get to do very often with the one sided blogging.

We had people from different countries and I was internal fan girl screaming throughout the process. (Still am!)

As promised to not leave you out, this is what we discussed in the group:

We were talking about how everyone is from different age groups and grades, some younger than others. One of the group members said, "No one is small in the face of a big dream." I found it to be very motivational. Elegantly put!

We had one negative experience, a member was sending dating messages to a girl and she left the group :(
To future group joiners, make sure you report if such a thing happens to you so that we can ban the user.

The first group is full. The plan is to not add more than 50 people in one group. (It'll prevent too many anonymous users and it won't be too annoying!) The 50 spots which are empty can be used up by friends of trusted group members on request.

The new comers will be added in the second group and everyone will get a spot. Maybe in the future we'll segregate people on time zones but for now you'll be randomly allocated.

Thank you for the wonderful experience, awesome medicos!

Looking forward to more <3


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